Brundibar: How The Nazis Conned The World

I watched 60 Minutes tonight and they ran a segment called:

Brundibar: How The Nazis Conned The World

In the story, one of the men in the Nazi camp, Paul Sandfort, made this very profound statement:
Sandfort acknowledges the Nazis did convince the world. "But they only convinced the world because the world wanted to be convinced. It's easier."

This is how the truth of 9/11 is being hidden. bush/cheney, etc learned from the masters...Hitler and the Nazi's on how to hide the truth.

They knew the vast majority in this country "can't handle the truth".
Or simply don't want to know the truth, because it's easier.

Because once they know the truth, then they'll have to do something.

And most people don't want to do something.

But we must!!


I have noticed this in relationships with people to whom I've spoken about 9-11 and the questions surrounding it. That knowledge should oblige one to act, in some fashion, in order to right the wrongs ... but alas some people just ignore it or prefer to live in their bubbles. It's cowardly, despicable, and I've lost respect for some that I held in high esteem.

It's deeply saddening, but alas it seems to be a part of the human condition, and one that we must overcome if we are to survive as a free society.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

the stakes are higher

Hitler was a scumbag you cant deny that but he was manipulated by the same group of people that have Bush and Cheney in there pocket as well Nothing has changed since the 1940 only the stakes are higher.

Wow. Thanks nickaz. The

Wow. Thanks nickaz. The CBS website is a great place to learn about what's going on in the world.  Those damn Nazis, so cunning, fooling us all-- just like those 19 Arab fuckers on 9/11.  I'm glad they didn't pull the wool over your eyes though.