Rosie O'Donnell says everyone should see Loose Change

Rosie O'Donnell advocates watching Loose Change

(scroll down about halfway)

on in the ask rosie section of her blog someone asked....

gabrielle writes:

Hi Rosie
just 2 ? have u read F.Rich book greatest story ever SOLD abt the LIES GWB an the spin drs+r/w power crunches that put him into office.
If so what did u think have u seen loose change LUV GA

Rosie: i think it is a great book and i think loose change should be viewed by all

well there you have it folks, Rosie O'Donnell, not surprising, but is a confessed 9/11 truther.

HA! Great find!!! How the

HA! Great find!!! How the hell did you come across this?!

my friend who is a Rosie fan

my friend who is a Rosie fan noticed it while reading her blog

apparently, he says she has mentioned loose change 5 other times on her blog. She selectively chooses questions her readers ask her, and every month or so he said she chooses a 9/11 question from a reader and her response is always very positive like "ive heard that theory its very interesting and i recommend other people look into it and see for themselves".

this echos her comments on the View when her guest mentions John Conners where she tells the conversative blonde bitch "well you should find out for yourself"

if my friend is not lying (and i see no reason why he would) it looks like Rosie has been out of the 9/11 closet for quite a long time and no one in 9/11blogger or the 9/11 truth movement has noticed it.

She placed an unrelated post

She placed an unrelated post by that title ("Loose Change") on her blog a few weeks ago when that John Conner thing came out as well.

at the risk of sounding like

at the risk of sounding like a total fairy im going to admit that i saw the beginning of The View today and all i caught was Rosie telling that dumb blonde Hasselback that the Patriot Act should be repealed and that it was the worst thing to happen to our country in 200 years. Hasselback just screamed "Nooooo!" and didnt really provide a reason as to why the Patriot Act was so neccessarry. also Joy kept pressing her on why after all the lies of "these murderers, because they are murderers" she kept on supporting Bush. she said some bullshit about "security" or something. but yeah, Rosie is obviously up to speed on whats going on(at least more than the average american). we should all probably press her to drop some more truth on The View. remember, she all but controls that show when Barbara Wawa isnt there. she has a very large soapbox there.

Will Rosie trumpet this new BBC "cock-up"?

How can the Truth Movement show our support for her?

The more support she gets, the more likely others like Ellen and especially, Oprah might sign's a fight for the middle third of America and many of the women who reside there look up to all these people....

Personally, I look forward to the day Rosie bitchslaps that little reactionary authoritarian-kissing trollop with 9/11 Truth on the day that it can no longer be denied,..... and it becomes a career liablility to parrot the OCT.

We'll remember the people who stood up before that happened. Like Rosie.

Chris, thanks for watching The View... so I don't have to ;)

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace

hahaha, i knew somebody was

hahaha, i knew somebody was gonna call me on that. its not like im a regular viewer or anything......(really, im not!)

video of Rosie ripping the bobblehead:

Another day, another "View" battle. Rosie O'Donnell attacks Elisabeth Hasselbeck's stance on everything.


Recommend she watch 9/11 Press For Truth and recommend it if she likes it.

ALSO -- You can DIGG the 9/11 Press For Truth on Google Video here:

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Even Barbara would have to shut-up in their presence

I'm sure the audience would be sympathetic too.

We should email Rosie and others...

and push for her to advocate that people watch "Press for Truth" on The View, since the story of widows would hit home with most of The View's audience, ie Women.

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(Curiously, Rosie's email isn't listed at The View's website...the neo-con trollop's is,, I sent her one, for what it was worth...)

Seed of something great

What do you think Jon Gold? PFT on the veiw sounds like a brilliant idea.

go to

go to

at the middle left youll see a text box to submit questions to her. I would just write to her that way

I assume someone has

I assume someone has mentioned 911blogger to her? We need to find a way to get every famous
person who questions the official account on one tape,
Then everyone goes public on the same day.