Pat Dawson

LOL Great Job

Man, those shills were whiny. Good job stickin it to em.

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Pat Dawson

Somebody should punch him in the face

Good Blog

Sixty Second Ape! speaks to infiltration into the Truth Movement

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Revised BBC Video posted on Digg
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

This was the result of something that was planned

I like this one...

"This was clearly -- the way the structure is collapsing -- this was the result of something that was planned. This is not, it's not accidental that the first tower just happened to collapse and then the second tower just happened to collapse in exactly the same way. How they accomplished this, we don't know. But clearly this is what happened."

Great! Any idea who the anchors are?

Is there more to this clip somewhere?

Answer: No and I dunno :-(

I've just tumbled on this while watching the Pat Dawson Youtube clip.

When did this happen?

Great job.

God forbid we step between the corporate media whores and their lies...(sarcasm)

Secondary Explosions

Only two explosions can be explained by the official account - those being the impact of the two planes into towers 1 and 2. Someone should tally the multitude (hundreds?) of independent eyewitness accounts of secondary explosions in towers 1, 2, and 7, including those reported by the media. on 9/11. Is it not true that the official account totally disregards every one of these pieces of evidence? Seems a tad fishy....