Dennis Miller To Attack Rosie on O reilly Tonight????/

Comedian/commentator Dennis Miller on ABC & Rosie

The Media is scared, They will be ruined.

Debate Time

Bill is scared

That was really strange spin

They are trying to say that this is some kind of theatrical stunt by Rosie?

Are they trying to say that Rosie is trying to boost her career with this issue and that it was a career ending error in judgement?

THIS right here gives you a glimpse into their mentality. If they are looking at this as a career move by Rosie then they are really saying that everything is about the career. Everything that they do is geared toward being successful in their career. Every decision that they make is just that.

How will that decision affect their career. They have chosen to support the government as a career move. They have chosen their winner and their career hinges on the support of their story. A career decision.

Is this but an act to them? It sure seems that way.

I think that they feel that Rosie is pushing this as a stunt.

Sometimes there are issues which go beyond career decisions.

Who's really pushing an act? O'Reilley

That really blows my mind as I sit here and replay that?

I think this clip is very revealing.

Dennis Miller has no clue he simply wants to spew his overblown pseudo smack talk that people only laugh at because they don't want to look stupid to all the other people who are laughing yet have no clue. Bill doesn't even get his over the top humor. Miller tries to maintain his mental dominance over people by speaking fast about irrelevant garbage that no one has any grasp. What people don't realize is that he may as well be running through the crowd smacking them in the back of the head while screaming "I'm smarter than you" because that is what he is thinking while he does his dialog.

Together in Truth!

You have to see this!!!

Together in Truth!


I'm speechless


I think that the anchors were speechless as well after they actually looked at the poll results
Together in Truth!