UPDATE - Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs and David Ray Griffin - 5-10-2007

Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs on latest JFK info and his 9/11 book "The Terror Conspiracy". Followed by interview with David Ray Griffin.

Show starts with a short discussion about Tarpley's FOX appearance.

Streaming loop at infowars.com;

UPDATED Putfile stream;

Excellent interview

Great interview. I would love to know what David Ray Griffin thinks about 9/11 research exposing the demonic leanings of many of our leaders. I would find it fascinating to hear his take on the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Illuminati angle from a theological perspective.

Show "test" by sleepy2k23 (not verified)

Don't miss this interview next week...


Not sure of the scope, but you could probably email Rich Lang with questions you would like him to ask;

Show "If 3 buildings collapsed.." by CHF

Here ya go, smart (shill) guy...

Architects and engineers...

Demolition expert...

Government officials, professors, 9/11 Family members, entertainment industry...


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Has he written anything?

I've seen no papers by Jowenko - only that clip. Also, he says the towers were NOT demolitions.

So is he only right about WTC7? Do tell.


nuff said

have a link to Jowenko's paper?


AJ, DRG and JM outdid themselves....excellent!


just a heads up; the nw0.info file has MANY segments cut out due to errors... download it from the other source.

I used the Putfile link

and it to was chopped up. What a shame, it was a teriffic interview from what I did hear. I couldn't find the link at infowars.

The direct podcast download

The direct podcast download was a choppy mess as well. I kept checking my ipod to see if it was malfunctioning. There were sections that repeated and sections that were missing.

Jim Marrs doesnt get enough

Jim Marrs doesnt get enough credit. i know some people hate the fact that he has worked on alien/ufo books and stuff like that but his book "Inside Job" was pretty good and his JFK work has been great as well.

GCN had tech problems yesterday

The GCN feeds kep dropping like crazy yesterday, thats why the files/replays were all screwed up

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