Why Do You Not Demand an Answer About 9/11 Mysteries? Shout-out, America - "Patriotism!"

Why Do You Not Demand an Answer About 9/11 Mysteries? Shout-out, America - "Patriotism!"

Jeanne Sparks-Carreker
May 11, 2007


Perhaps it's the tail wagging the dog. Perhaps it's the cover-up of a possible infiltration that if explained in truth, would scare the world and send shock waves through the "impenetrable society" known as the United States. But whatever America decides to believe after hearing the questions, it most presumably will not be anything close to what the public received as "answers" from the 9/11 Commission's report.

All over the Internet, questions are being asked, and in turn, eyebrows are being raised by those innocently ignorant to scientific probability on that fateful day we call 9/11. Those unknowingly following the media, the leaders of the modern world, and the majority beliefs sometimes become comfortable in their happy lives, forgetting that this country was birthed by radicals. The idea of a free country was created by a desire for the freedom to ask questions and freely form personal opinions. It was empowered by the courage of those who wanted change.

Let us walk a step beyong "Farenheit 9/11." As a matter of fact, if you have not viewed the controversial movie, skip it entirely. The questions and unrest you will experience after visiting 911weknow.com or 911Mysteries.com may not allow you time to view it, anyhow.

I am not an expert in anything making me capable of stating an opinion on what brought down the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. I am an average (well, close to average) American female, thirty-six years of age, who happens to love her country and fellow countrymen. But there are people who are experts and who have already stated what can only logically be decided upon by me as "something other than the terrorist planes brought down the Twin Towers." The questions which rose in my mind on that day of terrible shock and awe are the same questions which now I demand to be answered. They are as follows:

Official Story

"It was the combination of the impact load doing great damage to the building, followed by the fire, that caused the collapse (W. Gene Corley, Ph.D, American Society of Civil Engineers)."

Unofficial Story

Les Robertson, a structural engineer who designed the streamlined steel frames in the 1960's, stated that the designers of the Twin Towers kept in mind that there may one day be a plane, lost in the fog, crashing into one of the Towers. Frank A. DeMartini, Manager, WTC Construction and Program Management states, "The building was designed to have a fully loaded, 707, the largest plane at that time, crash into it. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jet liners."

So I Ask You, Pres

Only one hour after impact, the first tower, which was actually hit by the second plane, fell completely to the ground in ten seconds. One-hundred and ten stories dropped straight down in ten seconds. That's faster than gravity's pull, folks. There was no resistance of any kind between floors, and those floors even having yet to have been touched by the presumably "hot enough to melt steel" jet-fuel fire which FEMA stated was mostly consumed by the initial fireballs in the following few minutes after impact. So, My American Leaders, I ask you this: if much of the fuel in the planes, jet-grade kerosene, was consumed within the first few minutes of impact, how on God's Great Earth was this somehow enough to bring down the Twin Towers' 47 column steel core, 236 exterior columns, and thousands of steel trusses, all at the same time, with no resistance between floors - in ten seconds?

So I Ask You, Pres

Why have I never seen any of these reports, or anything remotely close to the evidence initiated by these studies spreading like wildfire on the Internet while travelling through concerned citizens, on television? Why no briefings or new investigations? Why was there more money spent on the investigation into Clinton's sex life than on the events of 9/11?

So I Ask You, Pres

Why did Rudy Giuliani believe the Twin Towers were both going to collapse when so many other trained firemen did not? He was quoted, cited, and recorded as stating as much, the recording being played on the 911weknow.com site in the 9/11 Mysteries full-length movie. Why does he not address the 9/11 questions being raised throughout the country now - especially during his campaign?

And So I Ask You, America

Are you going to stay in comfortable denial about the questionable, illogical reports about the thousands who died on September 11, 2001? Are you going to keep on believing the impossible scenario that some brilliant comic-book-like villian overseas could have masterminded a plot that made two durable skyscrapers fall, both in a detonation style, within a country that prides itself with security such as America? Are you going to keep overlooking the immeasurable costs it would have taken to rid the Towers of Asbestos, in order to bring them both up to the Asbestos Codes of the 80's? Are you going to overlook how much money the Towers were costing America in general?

Watch the video. Think for yourself. What would happen if the 2008 election polls were "boycotted," in a sense? Demand answers. It's still your right, if it's still your country. And I know America still belongs, in part, to me and my future descendants. Does she belong to you and yours, as well?

"Let's roll."