WTC Insurance Money Laundering

Wonder why the insurance executives are also smiling? The payoff to Larry Silverstein may have been with "dirty money" in need of laundering.

Former Texas Assistant Attorney General Eric Moebius uncovered a huge money laundering scheme by the insurance industry. Money to pay for insurance claims came from organized crime, not the premiums paid by insurance policy holders.

Eric Moebius, cited cases of money laundering and insurance claims settled in cases of obvious arson. The fact that insurance companies launder money is not widely known. I am aware that money probably was laundered in the WTC claims. That could also include the payouts of hush money to the personal claimants as well. There is a huge network involved in insurance claim money laundering. That network facilitated 9/11 and the following cover-up.

Mutual and privately owned insurance companies are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange commission or any federal agency. These companies are regulated by state insurance commissioners. There is no oversight or investigation of money laundering by the insurance industry, other than some life insurance products used for individual money laundering. While the banks receive some scrutiny for obvious cases of money laundering, the state regulated insurance companies have a free hand.

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