Photos of World Trade Center During Construction

I found these photos of the World Trade Center when it was under construction and hadn't seen them before.  I am making these and several others available to researchers who want them.  If you want a .zip file with high quality image files, email me on the contact form here.

More photos:


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I want that zip archive, will share it then. Please contact me via contact form, I will provide you ftp to get it to me.

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is working fine on my end. If you can't get it to work, my email is michael @ and then my website address which is

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In case you don't find them in your mailbox, let me know. This photos are important.

Thanks Michael... These would be great for everyone...

to archive...

This is all a part of history that needs to be saved for posterity and not lost down the "memory hole".

911blogger "sector" does a brilliant job of archiving 9/11 related media, making it available to all online and getting 9/11 Truth out.

Please post URL when available, thanks.


Slightly off-topic...

Anyone seen this new find that Dylan Avery has just posted on his forums, bizarre to say the least.

He has footage of an isolated "explosive" smoke cloud rising from Lower Manhattan, south of Wall St (around Water St / Hanover Sq) that appears during the collapse of WTC2, even though it's at least 1/3 of a mile away.

Timing seems to be more than a coincidence, when everyone is looking the other way, they are trying to track down more details on this event.

You can see this approx 17secs into clip (20secs remaining), towards bottom right of screen, any thoughts ?

*The smoke cloud can be verified watching "9/11 by Naudet (2002 edition)" approx 54mins in.

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YouTube Link :

HQ DivX Download :


Best wishes

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Thank you!

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Does anyone know if there is

Does anyone know if there is any footage of the 1975 WTC fire?


what do people here think of the idea to offer a reward for new video of the 9/11-attacks, considering there was that "What We Saw"-video that was kept from the public for five years, which means there are probably more unknown videos out there?

Here are they (23 MB)

If you want to browse that archive - Browse wtc-construction-hires-photos/

Thanks Michael.

Quality and Resolution is Amazing... Thanks

for sharing...

Cheers guys... Best wishes

Thanks Sector

for helping me get these posted.

thanks fpr the pictures especially wtc10.jpg

shows the absolutely solid mesh of steel.(upper floors)
no chance for any plane to go through this without "help"

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Evidence of 9/11 Photoshopping

Thanks Michael for the pics. Have a look at photoshopping in 9/11 photos.

This link should get on 911blogger's sidebar.