First Responders get airtime in Sicko

Michael Moore accompanies a number of rescue workers injured after the World Trade Center attacks of 2001 to the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detainment camp (an American territory) to ask for health care for the 9/11 responders. When unable to receive care there, they move on to Havana, Cuba, so that they can receive medical treatment they would otherwise not be able to afford.[3] Although trip participants signed confidentiality agreements prohibiting them from talking about the trip, some thought the trip a success, with The New York Post quoting John Feal, head of the Fealgood Foundation which raises money for 9/11 first responders, that “From what I hear through the grapevine those people who went [to Cuba with Moore] are utterly happy."

The film even shows Rudi Giuliani making mileage from 911.

A download link for SICKO is here:

This will be great fun.

Thanks for the torrent link, half of it is down already.

That is a great poster for the film.

PS: Some thoughts after watching it... Basicly, he keeps flogging a dead horse. That the US healthcare system is sick is plain to see for everybody. Hell, even the Canadians can see this and they are not the smartest people on the planet? The US is the only country in the western world without a universal system. Because the politicians have scared gullible Americans, saying that it is socialism.
At the end he is scoring some ironic points, when the heroes (first reponders) of 911 are denied the excellent care the alledged terrorists recieve at the Gitmo prison camp. So he takes them to a Cuban hospital. They turn out to be just as civilized as we Europeans are so they get help.

why promote this 9/11 denier?

What a crock--he pretends to be on the side of the first responders, so long as it is just about them getting health care. God forbid he should actually tell the truth about those responsible for the responders' health problems. Such typical manipulation and heartstring tugging from this shill. Someone should wipe that stupid smirk off his self-righteous hypocritical face.


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Well, it is a sad fact that

Well, it is a sad fact that Michael isn't a 911 truther. But, this docu is not about 911. It is about the sick US healthcare system.

ah but is it?

I mean sure, he'll say we need to spend more money on health care. Duh. But will he explain why we don't? Because instead of having the gov pay doctors with cash it prints for free every dime spent by the government has to be borrowed or taxed? Of course he won't! He'll say we should cut defense spending to spend more of what we borrow from banks on health care!


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oh I forgot--u2r2h...

Do you still think planes didn't hit the towers and that all the videos were faked? [edited to remove flamebait, with apologies]


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"u2r2h" we all know your

"u2r2h" we all know you're disinfo, trying to post things about Michael Moore is not going to compensate for all the "no planes hit the Towers" shear garbage you've pushed here. You have absolutely no credibility.

You've written that no planes is divisive

And have stated that even if it is true, it should not be talked about.

Yet you talk about it here. You attack u2r2h even though he is not talking about the planes.

This is divisive and disruptive.

I don't understand why this is tolerated. It is a clear violation of the rules that users of this site are supposed to be using as criteria for rating comments.

And quit saying "we" all know you're disinfo. You don't speak for me or anyone but yourself. I don't know if he is or is not "disinfo," anymore than I know that about you. All I know is that your behavior is divisive and disruptive, and that this helps no one but the perpetrators of the 9/11 cirmes.


Idon't know.

Has anyone of you thought that m.moore could actually be a truther who is using more subtle indirect means to point to the facts?

I believe in M.Moore and his integrity and intelligence. I am pretty convinced that he knows.

In the same way as Paul Thompson with his film, does M.Moore appeal to a wider audience by not hitting people in the face with the truth.
Why is he using ground zero workers as the heroes in his new film? By accident? Because he is taking advantage of the power of 9/11? Or because he wants people to keep an eye on the matter?
I think it could be the latter reason.

What about Fahrenheit 9/11?
It doesn't talk about demolition etc. But it surely gives a completely alternative view.

To me, M.Moore is one of our valuable assets and he will out himself as a truther one day.

I am confident that MM is a truther and he knows what he's doing (as opposed to people like Alex Jones and others).

quote from your pirate bay annouce

Bush can suck my dick right next to Michael Moore the phony piece of shit 9/11 coverup artist fuckface govt shill. This piece of shit movie is a cry for socialized medicine in the USA - forced govt dependance, enforced disparity, artificial scarcity in mdeical services - fuck him and naive newly politicized followers... anyone who has been politically aware for more than a fucking semester can see thru this shitbag....

I was really pissed about F911 when I found out the real truth, so we'll see how this is.

135mB Real Video rmvb version

is now also available... it is watchable, all the important points come accross.

Link is here

Sicko is a great movie. The France vs USA segment is priceless.

It somehow explains the bitterness of US-americans. Life is more inhumane in the USA and people kick down.

They attack the messenger.

As if life was all about people-vs-people ... and solidarity is only a lesser concept. Disgusting.

I can support my sisters and brothers, even if they are angry young men who go ad hominem because their mental horizon hasn't broadened yet. They just want to be loved, like everyone.

Claiming to defend the honour of the 911 truth movement against the heretics of TV Fakery .. how 17th century is that?

We are all in dire need of solidarity. Sicko says exactly that.

The connection to 9/11 is sooo obvious. Cuban doctors treat 911 first responders and they have a Gitmo Gulag right next door.

To refuse reviewing the TV fakery evidence and then attacking the messenger with ignorant and dismissive insults alone ... is the moral equivalent of Kaiser Permanente and Nixon. A scandal .. that is allowed to continue... *that* is the amazing FACT. Anyone trying to water down this fact should ask oneself:

Since proof is available .. do we live in denial?

The solution, of course.. it to accept the proof and face the consequences. The time is right. Light that cigarette, put on your hat and go!

honey ,all you do is bash

honey ,all you do is bash american citizens and pretend that all of us are exactly the same. you are the bitter one. when was the last time you were in this country? stop acting like you know us. you are a fucking Chomsky fan, give me a fucking break.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I think France is suspect

the Naudets? hmmm... and they a huge weapons supplier all over the world. darling of the fake left, no less...


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Why is MM silent about 9/11?

Could it have something to do with his 'agent' ?

following comes from wikipedia

Ariel "Ari" Emanuel is a prominent talent agent and founder of the Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills, California. He represents Larry David, Michael Moore, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Mark Wahlberg, among others.

Raised in suburban Wilmette, Illinois, outside Chicago, Emanuel is the brother of U.S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel, and NIH bioethicist Ezekiel J. Emanuel; his father, the Jerusalem-born Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel is a pediatrician, who was active in the pre-independence Israeli underground on behalf of the Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary organization. His mother, Martha Emanuel (née Smulevitz), was a civil rights activist, and the one-time owner of a Chicago-area rock and roll club. He is a graduate of New Trier West High School and of Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota.


are you suggesting that MM's career may have been made possible by his connections with prominent Zionist families and as such he feels obliged to assist in the 9/11 cover-up? But... that would imply Israel had something to do with 9/11.... hmmm... well, maybe!


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