FBI Director Mueller imagines new domestic nuke threats

Sure sounds like they're setting up the public's mind for a domestic nuclear event. The comments over at RawStory are pretty well informed. This kind of set-up is exactly what we should be fearing most -- even more than the actual event, as horrific as it is likely to be -- because unless we can pre-empt the corporate media, they sheeple will just fall in line again. On the other hand, it's quite possible that we already have a majority on our side -- the media just isn't doing any polling that would reveal that, so we tend to think we're still just a fringe movement (see second link below).

FBI Director Mueller imagines new domestic nuke threats

On Thursday, FBI Director Robert Mueller spoke to CBS News about his fears of a nuclear terror attack, saying, "Terrorists, al Qaeda, bin Laden have sought nuclear materials for a number of years now." He stressed that a nuclear device could cause devastation "far, far beyond what we saw on September 11."

According to CBS, "Officials say it would not be easy for terrorists to get a nuke or the material to make one." However, Mueller insisted, "It's not hype. It's something that would be horrifying if it fell into the hands of terrorists or terrorists were able to manufacture such a device. We cannot let that happen. We. Just. Cannot. Let. That. Happen."

According to the conservative site NewsMax, "Mueller admits the nuclear threat is so real he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about that possibility." Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also recently warned that "Osama bin Laden has indicated that he considers the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction to be an obligation for his followers."


The following article is about impeachment but illustrates how the public is being manipulated to think they're in the minority in wanting Bush & Cheney impeached. The same is likely true for the public's view of 9/11 truth, in my view. We'll never know since the big polling companies aren't asking the questions now.

Things Your Media Momma Didn't Tell You

1. Most Americans would like to see this president and vice president impeached and removed from office. Newsweek magazine published a scientific poll last October showing that 51 percent of us favor impeachment (including 29 percent of Republicans!), but the corporate media, which normally hasn't met a poll it won't publish, didn't publicize this one. And now, when the numbers supporting impeachment are surely even higher, you can't even pay a polling outfit to ask the question. No wonder most people who favor impeachment still think they're odd ducks.

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