Next 911

Next 9/11-type Attacks

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in The Nation Newsletter

President-elect Obama shares Bush's view that the next 9/11 type attack would originate from FATA. Can the superpower subdue the valiant Afghans and consolidate its rule in the war-torn country? Is the insurgency in FATA, which is essentially the fallout of Afghan war, our war as made out at great pains by our government?

#2 Post "Next 9/11 in Houston ? ...War with Iran?"

Honestly, I do not know what to make of this. This is NOT front page. It is an onging collection of data. See my previous blog Titled "Next 9/11 in Houston ? ...War with Iran?"

This came across recently from friends:

Does anyone have input (besides just speculations)? If you have a more professional view on this article with pertinent information, you are welcome to post something fresh on your blog. I only wanted to bring this up in case it is important.

"...WMR has learned that at a meeting of tugboat captains last week in Houston, the possibility of an imminent terrorist attack on the Houston port was discussed."

"Carnaby's belief in HUMINT as a determinant of terrorist plans likely caused him to believe that Houston was in imminent danger for an attack. WMR spoke to Carnaby's intelligence and law enforcement colleagues who share his concerns."

FBI Director Mueller imagines new domestic nuke threats

Sure sounds like they're setting up the public's mind for a domestic nuclear event. The comments over at RawStory are pretty well informed. This kind of set-up is exactly what we should be fearing most -- even more than the actual event, as horrific as it is likely to be -- because unless we can pre-empt the corporate media, they sheeple will just fall in line again. On the other hand, it's quite possible that we already have a majority on our side -- the media just isn't doing any polling that would reveal that, so we tend to think we're still just a fringe movement (see second link below).

FBI Director Mueller imagines new domestic nuke threats

On Thursday, FBI Director Robert Mueller spoke to CBS News about his fears of a nuclear terror attack, saying, "Terrorists, al Qaeda, bin Laden have sought nuclear materials for a number of years now." He stressed that a nuclear device could cause devastation "far, far beyond what we saw on September 11."

Ellsberg: Hastert got suitcases of Al Qaeda heroin cash, should be in jail

Via Scott Horton at ...

Ellsberg: Hastert got suitcases of Al Qaeda heroin cash, should be in jail

Lukery has transcribed this interview of American Hero Daniel Ellsberg. From

“Daniel Ellsberg said that Dennis Hastert received suitcases of cash at his home from Turkish heroin money and that Hastert should be in jail, along with his friends.

He also says that people in the State Department, and in nuclear labs, are paid in ‘cold cash’ for secrets that are sold on the nuclear black market.

He also says that a Dem Congress “could be pressed into holding genuine investigations of the torture, of the corruption, getting rid of Hastert, and starting impeachment proceedings.”

All errors are mine, some snippage, usual disclaimers, etc.


[SNIP - for 20 minutes Ellsberg discusses martial law & the shredding of the constitution, ‘the next 911, the Reichstag fire’)

update: if you are interested in Sibel Edmonds’ case, there’s a new movie about her. and don’t miss my interview with the director.

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