Bob Bowman on 9/11

On June 8th, the Teach Peace Foundation ( sponsored a talk given by Bob Bowman. Approximately 100 people were in attendance of his "Take Back America!" speech in Sacramento. The following video features the segment devoted to 9/11.

Video here:

I was able to ask Mr. Bowman a question on the Stand Down after his talk.

Video here:

It wasn't as detailed an answer as I was hoping for but I did have an interesting conversation with a local 9/11 Truther who indicated that the changed orders requiring authorization from the Sec of Defense was NOT significant in relation to 9/11. The reasoning being that the changes need not apply in the event of an emergency.

The June 2001 document refers back to previous documents from 1997 and 1993 and does not necessarily override or supersede the older ones. Thanks to Mark Graham for the following info:

June 2001:

"The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by reference d, forward requests for DOD to the Secretary of Defense for approval. DOD assistance to the FAA will be provided in accordance with reference d."

reference "d" is the 1997 document,, which states:

"Nothing in this Directive prevents a commander from exercising his or her immediate emergency response authority as outlined in DOD directive 3025.1 (reference (g))."

"Reference g" is Military Support to Civil Authorities from 1993,, and it states:

"Imminently serious conditions resulting from any civil emergency or attack may require immediate action by military commanders, or by responsible officials of other DOD agencies, to save lives, prevent human suffering, or mitigate great property damage. When such conditions exist and time does not permit prior approval from higher headquarters, local military commanders and responsible officials of other DOD Components are authorized by this Directive, subject to any supplemental direction that may be provided by their DOD component, to take necessary action to respond to requests of civil authorities. All such necessary action is referred to in this Directive as 'Immediate Response'."

More California comments

Listened to Bowman at College of Marin in Marin County (north of San Francisco), where I would estimate about 100 people attended. He had listed Santa Rosa (in Sonoma County, just north of Marin) as his next stop. I live in Sonoma County and knew nothing was scheduled, so one of the people in our party talked to him, then got on the ol' cell phone and called the Democratic Party Headquarters to see if we could get him in there for the next (Saturday) night. Success!

I ended up being the "contact person" with Bowman, emailed and called a lot of people, who then did the same, and by 7 pm the next evening we had about 30 people show up to hear him. Probably mostly "Democrats" of one stripe or another, in Sonoma County the Democrats who are very active are fairly radical, and, as far as I could tell, everyone there was ready to accept and endorse his 911 comments (the only video aid he used in his talk was Silverstein/Blg 7 shots), although perhaps a few people were new to it and/or had their opinions strengthened.

Very interesting. Trying to be a bridge between "Progressives", Libertarians and militia people, and other Republicans and Democrats not locked into blind support of their parties. Basic idea is that squabbles over school prayer, abortion, gun control, gay marriage, etc., will be a lot easier to work on once we have worked together to find the truth of 911 and get the criminals impeached and in jail and turned the US away from being the world policeman and exploiter. He's very strong on closing all US overseas bases and abolishing the CIA if it can't be returned to only doing intelligence assessment. Says he would like to have both Ron Paul and Kucinich be part of his "the patriots" ( ) movement. It sound like he's friends with both of them.

Although most of us here probably know something about him already, if you don't:

Lt. Col., USAF ret., head of "star wars" programs under Ford and Carter, resigned it (I think) under Reagan. In 2006, ran for Congress in Florida as a Democrat, won 44% vote against 7-term Republican (with Diebold machines) and no officia support (Progressive Democrats of America supported him), was against Iraq war from before it started, on record with strong speeches using words like "impeach" and "treason."

All in all, quite refreshing to listen to. He's in Eureka today, continuing north and then east. Check out his tour at the link above, and go participate if you can.

Fred W