dc911Truth in the 4th of July Parade

The dc911truth "float" was in the Takoma Park Fourth of July Parade!

The Truthmobile was greeted with wild applause and "thumbs-up" and other signs of approval from cheering crowds gathered all along the parade route. dc911truth.org members walked along side the float and handed out flyers, deception dollars and DVDs. The route of the parade, a mile long "U" shaped path, took us down the main streets of Takoma Park, Maryland, just into Washington, DC and then back to the Takoma Park City Hall. As the float passed the reviewing stand, loud speakers proclaimed that "dc911truth.org is a grassroots organization of citizens, activists, and researchers seeking to raise public awareness of the historical context of U.S. false flag terrorism, culminating in the events of September 11."

There can be little question, 911truth has gone main-stream. The public is ready and eager to celebrate the truth.

This looks great. I wish I

This looks great. I wish I could see some video of the action. Great work here folks.

Great Job!

Simply Inspiring!!!

Thank you everyone for what you do!

Nice float you guys!!

Boy I sure miss you guys, this looks like it was really fun!!!

Great idea for a float in a parade, I bet it went over well.

As allways, awesome job! You guys ROCK!

Taking the truth about 911 to the streets. www.911truthsquads.org


There should have been at least one more there, Me! Things didn't work out for me to get to Maryland that day. And you had good weather. I sure thought about all of you!! Beautiful picture!
I will share.