9/11 Truth Action - July 11, 2007 - Albany, NY

All across the country people are taking to the streets every 11th of each month. In Albany, NY, a dedicated team of truthers hit the downtown area during lunchtime, distributing over 2,000 pamphlets and several hundred dvds. This was followed by a couple hours bullhorning the HQ of the local Hearst-owned corporate newspaper. Just like the previous month, they sent out a reporter to take notes, but we have yet to see a story in their paper.

Even though you guys stole Jesse & Chuck...

..from Ohio, I still support you all. ;-)

Seriously, great job guys, and great video! What's that opening song? Sounds familiar but can't think of the group's name.

Just so you know, Albany is very lucky to have its newest residents, you just can't mess with the Springfield boys!! Now you just need some girls!

Keep up the good work, Columbus supports you!!

- laura

Good video but please

Good video but please reconsider the music selection in the future... In my opinion that kind of music alone would tend to alienate most people over 30. It also gives the unwanted impression that this is just a youth movement.