From 9/11, To The War On Terror, To The NAU, To Man Made Climate Change: What Is Peak Oil’s Role?

Aidan Monaghan

Evidence citing Peak Oil as a cause for a possible 9/11 ‘Inside Job’ - allegedly manufactured to justify waging a so called war on terror that just happens to be taking place in some of the most energy rich regions of the world - has been addressed extensively:

“Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil”

Peak Oil is of course the mostly unknown theory that finite fossil fuels will eventually expire and may even be in overall decline at this moment.

However of late, the public has been bombarded with information alleging that Earth’s climate is changing due to human activity, even though evidence citing natural cyclical phenomena changes as a cause for a rise in Earth’s temperature is available:

“Live Earth: Concerts For A Climate In Crisis”

“An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning”

“‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is an Academy Award-winning documentary film about climate change, specifically global warming, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore.”

"The Great Global Warming Swindle"

“A controversial documentary film by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the scientific opinion that human activity is the main cause of global warming.”

Indeed, is it just a coincidence that the proposed solutions to solving the alleged man made climate change crisis just happen to match dramatically those required to cope with apparently looming and permanent energy shortages?

Denver mayor John Hickenlooper was a speaker at an ‘Association of Peak Oil Awareness’ conference in November 2005, attended by energy investment banker and Peak Oil adherent Matt Simmons:

“ASPO-USA Conference, November 10-11, 2005”

Interestingly, just last month the same Mayor Hickenlooper raised many eyebrows by proposing carbon dioxide emission rollbacks for Denver equivalent to removing 500,000 vehicles from Denver’s roads, with the alleged aim of coping with 'Man Made Climate Change':

“Denver Targets Global Warming”,1299,DRMN_15_5580343,00.html

Other proposed measures include:

• Making heavy users of electricity and natural gas pay more

•Charging residents who throw away a lot of trash

• Setting energy-efficiency standards for new construction

• Giving carpoolers and hybrids priority for parking

What is arguably hard not to notice is that such measures seem to match precisely those that would be necessary - even inevitable - in an energy scarce environment that could seemingly result from Peak Oil.

Would manufacturing a ‘Man Made Climate Change’ crisis allow domestic and international ruling classes to direct a seemingly more manageable situation that would not only aid, but even conceal a much less manageable crisis in which global energy sources are quickly becoming less available?

Understanding what may truly motivate U.S. ruling elite to wish to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico in what is known unofficially as the “North American Union”, may be somewhat simpler and may also be directly tied to Peak Oil and Peak Energy overall:

“North American Union to Replace USA?”

Canada’s so called tar sands represent the 2nd largest oil reserves on Earth (unconventional) while Mexico’s ‘Cantarell’ oil field is the world’s 2nd largest.

Major global powers such as China are currently competing for access to these energy reserves.

“Athabasca Oil Sands”

“Cantarell Field”

This is a bit tangential, isn't it?

I realize petroleum politics are deeply embedded in everything that happens in American politics, but discussions of peak oil and global warming, however valuable by themselves, only seem to distract from the primary concern here. We need full disclosure of the events surrounding 9/11. We should focus on "how" 9/11 happened, before we examine the "why".

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Peak oil is a scare tactic

Peal oil is a huge steaming pile of male bovine excrement. WE DON'T NEED OIL. FREE ENERGY was discovered over 100 years ago by NIKOLA TESLA!!. Google "Tesla patent" and include any one of these patent numbers, 685957, 685956. Download the pdfs, print out hard copies in case something happens to computer systems. Spread the word. Tell everyone who has any circuit building background. The designs ARE NOT complicated. I understand them and I started teaching myself electronics 9 months ago. GET THIS NEWS OUT!! This IS just AS critical as getting out the news of false flag ops. NO MORE ENERGY WARS. CUT OFF the banking parasites from our energy consumption!!

Nikola Tesla was the most brilliant scientist in the past several centuries. Einstien...pfttt!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

Both Peak Oil and Carbon Tax are FRAUDS

You got the right idea that global warming is a scam...Peak oil is also myth. There are Dutch Royal Shell documents where they discuss spreading the idea of a fake peak. It's been done many times in the past, yet we never reach the peak. We need to see more definitive evidence. Both of these myths jack up oil prices. That's why the oil companies promote BOTH. Let's not get caught up in either of these myths. 9/11 Truth is being brushed aside by people who think that we are gonna run out of oil and food if we don't give in to a global carbon tax right away. This new environment buzz is being used to hijack the positive change and resistance that has been developing in the last five years. Ruppert tried to mislead us with this, and now he says 9/11 is a dead issue. If the oil companies sources are where the peak numbers come from, I have trouble accepting them as fact.