Educate the Military, National Guard and Police About 9/11

A new article by award-winning investigative reporter Dave Lindorff reinforces the wisdom of educating soldiers and police about 9/11, and also leads to the conclusion that we must also focus on educating the National Guard.

Specifically, Lindorff quotes eminent constitutional scholar and impeachment activist Bruce Fein (a staunch conservative who drafted one of the articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton), as saying that there is a very real danger of martial law in this country. Lindorff writes:

Fein argues that the only real defense against the looming disaster of a martial law declaration would be for Congress to vote for a resolution determining that there is no “War” on terror. “But they are such cowards they will never do that,” he says.

That leaves us with the military.

If ordered to turn their guns and bayonets on their fellow Americans, would our “heroes” in uniform follow their consciences, and their oaths to “uphold and defend” the Constitution of the United States? Or would they follow the orders of their Commander in Chief?

In case of martial law, the National Guard will be ordered to do much of the enforcing, as many of the active-duty people in the military would presumably be out fighting imperial wars elsewhere.

Everyone should reach out to the people in the National Guard (as well as those in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force) and the police. Educating these good folks about what really happened on 9/11, and the history of false flag attacks, may be the best way to insure that they will "do the right thing" and not turn against the people and the Constitution.

I am not advocating taking any unlawful action or saying anything false. I am simply recommending telling the truth about 9/11 to those who may soon be ordered to commit treason against the American people. Because -- as Ray McGovern, Coleen Rowley and others point out -- reminding those in the military that their duties are to the constitution and the people is the best way to dissuade them from carrying out unlawful and unconstitutional orders.


What if Bush and Co. do not plan on using the National Guard as the predominant "enforcer" during a martial law state? What if the now reportedly 100,000 man strong private mercenary armies that have been battled hardened in Iraq come home here to do the dirty work. Not more than a few weeks ago I saw a bunch of what looked like "military" type vehicles (darkened, beefed-up Ford Excursions) pulling speed/patrol boats heading South from Wisconsin down to the Chicago area all loaded with probably 4 to 5 men each. I think there was 3 or 4 in the convoy. If they use hired mercenaries then the atmosphere of the situation we will have to deal with will change from having the National Guard enforce the same. Anyone else seen anything like this lately?

A force that size would be

A force that size would be overwhelmed immediately by any resistance. And judging from the number of people that are not going to take this lightly, there will be significant resistance even for a full sized military force to deal with. They are playing their own death song right now, and they know it. A few more loud bursts and it will be all over.


The insergency in Iraq

would be kid stuff next to millions of angry, armed Americans. As the goon in the white house would say, "Bring them on!"

I'm with you both on that!

I have no doubt about the resistance that the American people can put up if the are aware that their "home" is being destroyed by others for their own gains! Just consider all possibilities.

Why the hell did I vote for

Why the hell did I vote for The Decider in 2000? I'm in therapy for that decision..........
A number of my friends & customers are in the mil; Ive asked them if they would fire upon us if there was ML -- all have said no friggin way. I do not tell tham any of what we know because it could cause a doubt when in harms way & get them killed. Combat does not allow for hesitation. However, I am all for education of law enforcement -- all for now.

Good point on the Guard..

After Katrina, we really need to get these guys/gals in the know, quickly.

Blackwater is a danger but i would have to agree that, alone, they could not succeed. Especially with an educated Guard and Police force, as well as educated Military members, to further stand between them and any nefarious goals they would attempt to assist in.

It doesn't hurt to find a member of one of these groups who is sympathetic to the cause, and help them get their hands on more information, and then of course encourage them to reach out to those they put on their uniform with. Be sure to make it clear they have your(and our) full support, and if you could be there with them, it wouldn't be a bad thing. Just another possibility.

BLOGicAs I understand it.


As I understand it. Blackwater, the company for whom many of the 'contractors' in Iraq work is setting up bases on the American mainland. Considering that 'contractor' is often considered to be a euphemism for mercenary, maybe this should be a cause for concern. These guys went operational in New Orleans, purportedly in a support role, but there are photographs of them heavily armed in the streets. ISurely it can't be responsible or right to take the chance of a mercenary soldier shooting down an American citizen on an American street. Some reports say that there up to 100,000 of these mercenaries fighting in Iraq. Let's hope they don't all come back to their bases in the U.S.