NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative - New Yorkers Only

NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

The petition drive of the year has begun. New York City voters can create a mandate to get at the root cause of our current political reality by launching a new, independent investigation of the events of 9/11.

Nationwide supporters can alert people they know in NYC as well as donate much needed funds to make this a reality.

"9/11 was not a perfect storm. Don't let them tell you it was. Create a Commission."

- Ed Asner, actor, former president Screen Actors Guild

By creating a ballot initiative, we can return the process of governance to We the People. Lets face it, voting every few years just isn't enough. We need 30,000 petition signatures as soon as possible to get this on the Nov. 6th general election. This will enable us to create the conditions for a citizen-based, rather than government insider-based investigation to address the multitude of questions from 9/11 families which were ignored by the Kean/Hamilton Commission, as well as the issues of the toxic health hazards and the mistreatment of so many first responders.

Read all about it at You can either download a petition there or call our Hotline at 646-537-1755 and leave your name and address or just click on the banner below.