Mike Gravel shut out of tonight's MSNBC AFL-CIO debate w/Keith O

Check out this video response on MSNBC today:


he is so cool, calm, collected, as they say.

of course he is, he might

of course he is, he might say something scathing and honest that would hurt Hillary/Obama/Edwards feelings. that cant be allowed to happen. not again.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


Attention: A full press campaign is needed by all antiwar-9/11 truth seekers to push for a breakthrough as regards the present Presidential campaign malaise by contacting the campaign of Mike Gravel, SenatorGravel@Gravel08.us - Please tell the Senator that we need a real leader here in this nation once again, and for the whole world, who will take the lead towards peace and freedom by actively advocating the need for 9/11
truth now.

We need such a leader. Senator Gravel has a history in this regards when he was a Senator vigorously opposed to the war in Vietnam. Thank him for his statements that appeared on 9/11 Blogger concerning his determination if President to make sure there is a real investigation of 9/11.

Tell him that it is the first candidate who tells the mainstream this, that challenges the threat of more false -flag terror, and does so in August 2007, and speaks at either the NYC or Washington DC 9/11 truth events, will be the one to change history, to show who a true leader is, and will have won the real primary challenge as to who our next President should be. The same goes for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. Tell them to come out now or lose the election, but more importantly, the chance to save the nation and the world for life and peace.

Bruce Marshall
ACT Independent.org

We started sending email to Gravel the other day. Feel free to share yours as an open letter and post below as a comment. -rep.


"There is no fury like that of a man scorned for expressing truth!"


iS mIKE GOING TO BE IN nEW YORK? please tell more!!!