London Parliament Demo

Here are some pics from our 11 August Demonstration outside Parliament in London. Due to the legislation from 2005(SOCPA – Serious Organised Crime and Protection Act) all demonstrators had to apply for a lone demonstration license from the police. To remain within the law we therefore all had to demonstrate on different topics to all be lone demonstrators. It was a lovely day in London and the response we received was great, over 300 DVD’s given out and many fact sheets. This is the third action we’ve taken on the 11th and was definitely the most successful. We will now hit the streets every Saturday as a result. We will have a video of the action on youtube soon.


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V for Viva la Truth...

TOP JOB London !!!

Many thanks and best wishes

DAMN ! ...

i like his sign.

I like your sign!

I might make one similar to it for September 11, 2007 (hope you don't mind).

Keep up the good work!

I would have never expected...

that 9/11 truth movement will gain much attention outside US. But now Britain, Canada, Australia, Spain...this is just Amazing! It seems that this new strategy of planning ahead and coming to action eleventh of every month has made the efforts a lot more efficient. Good job all truthers!

Cheers for the support guys.

Cheers for the support guys. We've been going quite some time in the UK. Had Willie over a few times, David Ray Griffin last year, Cytnhia McKinney this September and Webster Tarpley in November. the revolution is on it's way ;-)

The bloke holding that sign lost his job as his employer heard him talking about the towers beiong brought down by controlled demolition!! My one was the 'too inept to hire a Cessna one'. We will no be on the street every Saturday hitting London's top spots. I'll post any pics, vids as we do it. Everyone should be raising as much aweareness before the anniversary.

'Hiring' a Cessna

Two peoples divided by a common language, as they say.

Seriously, thanks for these inspiring actions.

Is any legal recourse possible for the guy who lost his job? That's outrageous!

Probably not as he was a

Probably not as he was a temp, so not much in the way of rights. He is going to pursue the matter even just to get some publicity in the local press.

fantastic sign

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush