Truth Groups Need to Organize and Advertise!

Local 9/11 Truth Groups must develop their chapters through low cost advertising. This is a crucial first step to building a substantial membership base of literally hundreds, if not thousands of individuals committed to the cause of 9/11 Truth and Justice. There is no exuse in major US cities only having a handful of activists in the streets!

For just a couple of hundred dollars a display ad can be placed in your city's alternative or weekly newspaper offering a FREE DVD and an invitation to attend a Meet Up. We should strive for bi-weekly meetings and a monthly rally or street action on the 11th. The Free DVD offer gives the group contact information of a steady stream of new people to invite to your Meet Up or rally. You might also place a classified ad in your city's major newspaper for a "Free 9/11 DVD"-- this would also cost less than $200 for a week-long run in most cases. (Include a phone # and email for them to respond to, then mail them the DVD along with an info card and a letter inviting them to the next event and suggesting a donation of $5 to your group.) Fortunately, most major US cities already have a core group of activists to provide the initial seed money. 20 people chipping in $10 each or 10 people chipping in $20 can get the ball rolling.

It is time to develop local groups who meet and rally in the real world. Everyone in the local group should contribute at least $10 per month to the "War Budget" as it were. With 100 members, this is $1,000 and with 200 members, this is $2,000 PER MONTH in operating funds for buying radio ads, display ads in newspapers, stockpiling and distributing DVDS, cards, stickers, etc. This makes for a very effective campaign and can change your entire city, and best of all, result in a monthly rally that will include HUNDREDS of people and receive media coverge!

Remember the bandwagon effect: Success begets success. We have a groundswell of closet supporters out there, but they need critical mass for "cover." They want to be part of a movement, not a fringe group. And advertising is the way to make it happen. Let's roll!


Can you give me some suggestions of feasible low cost advertising that we could use to build our base?

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Handling funds

Can you give some suggestions on how groups can handle funds properly, with proper accountability?

McGee Posters...your suggestion on posters....

McGee, I saw your note on the 21st at about posters.

I agree, man! Posters. A blitz of posters is extremely cost effective and reaches thousands, along with giving the impression that there are lots of 911 TRUTH supporters.

I wrote you a note about it. You should write a blog on all the benefits and simplicity of such an action. And it can be done anytime of month.

Your idea is good. I listened.

Best, Tom

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