We Need To Counter Those Pushing for A False Flag Attack

What is the proper response to the corporate media supporting the idea that a "new 9/11" would be good for America? If the talking heads are calling for such an attack, that may be just the tip of the iceberg, the surface manifestation of a planning process which is alot bigger, involves some heavyweight military and political types, and is largely unseen.

What can we do?

I would argue that part of the answer is for current and former military, law enforcement and intelligence folks and politicians, as well as people from all other walks of life, to sign a Pledge that they are against false flag attacks and will do everything within their power to stop them from being carried out.

We need to counter the momentum of those calling for a new false flag attack. The best way to do that is to expose 9/11 as an inside job (since exposing the biggest false flag of all will make it much harder for future false flags to be carried out), sign the pledge regarding false flags, and participate in a general strike to pressure the powers-that-be to start following the wishes of we the people.

These are some of the highest-leverage activities that we can participate in at this time.

Who wants another 9/11? These guys

“Another [9/11 type terrorist] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets." Washington Post, 23 April 2006

“I hope it's your family members that die when terrorists strike.” US Representative Dana Rohrabacker, April 25, 2007

“It may well be that the key to bolstering Western resolve is another terrorist attack like 9/11 or the London transit bombings of two years ago, he says. If nothing happens, it will be harder still to say [Canadian forces in Afghanistan are] necessary." Lt.-Col. Doug Delaney, chair of the war studies program at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario

“At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001]," Milligan said to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country." Chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, Dennis Milligan, June 3, 2007

“Confronting Iran in the Middle East as an absolute linchpin for our success in that region… And while it may not be a popular thing to talk about right now, and I know public sentiment is against it [namely, the war in Iraq and expanding the conflict to Iran]… between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we’re seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public’s going to have a very different view…” Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, July 7, 2007

“America's fabric is pulling apart like a cheap sweater. What would sew us back together? Another 9/11 attack.” Stu Bykofsky, August 9, 2007

“In that spirit, the best terrorist plan I have heard is one that my father thought up after the D.C. snipers created havoc in 2002. The basic idea is to arm 20 terrorists with rifles and cars, and arrange to have them begin shooting randomly at pre-set times all across the country." Steven Levitt, August 8, 2007

“A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggests that a new attack by terrorists on U.S. soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of President George W. Bush as well as the GOP and ‘restore his image as a leader of the American people.’ The closely-guarded memo lays out a list of scenarios to bring the Republican party back from the political brink, including a devastating attack by terrorists that could “validate” the President’s war on terror and allow Bush to ‘unite the country’ in a ‘time of national shock and sorrow.’ The memo says such a reversal in the President's fortunes could keep the party from losing control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections. ‘The President’s popularity was at an all-time high following the 9/11 attacks,’ admits one aide. ‘Americans band together at a time of crisis.’” Capitol Hill Blue, November 10, 2005

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

How irritating

This just gives credance to the "nukes are falling" Captain May hysteria rubbish. They seem to be peas in a pod, don't they?

So far it's all talk. I read somewhere recently that Iran is worth more to Cheney intact than attacked.

These people may want another false flag and not be shy about saying so--which makes them suspect right there--but I remain doubtful of actual plans. But it does show they're a bunch of arrogant sods to go on record like this...

As for countering it, how about pointing out the utter lameness of the argument, "We NEED to make it look like they can attack us so we can still have a war."

That's sick and mental.


Petition with the same aim

Though not aimed specifically at current and former military, law enforcement, intelligence folks and politicians, as GW's action is, there is an online petition I started with the same overall goal in mind:


This item was originally posted to this website on July 21. If you haven't yet signed and circulated it, please check it out.

What can we do?

"...What can we do?..."

Well, we could always blow up the media! haha... JUST KIDDING! ;-)

I like your ideas. I'll definitely sign the pledge, etc.