Proposed Wikipedia replacement entry for Kevin Ryan

I had to start with SOMETHING, so please feel free to join in, propose changes to meet Wikipedia changes and stop UL from deleting Kevin Ryan's entry again. Since they deleted the last one, SOMEONE has put in entries for several OTHER Kevin Ryans.

Thanks but don't bother

Previous attempts to correct extreme bias on the subject of UL testing materials for the WTC have resulted in Wikipedia attorneys suggesting that the only "reliable sources" for information on the subject are Popular Mechanics and "Debunking911myths".

It really doesn't take a high-priced attorney to see how ludicrous it is that Popular Mechanics and Debunking911Myths are reliable sources on UL's testing for the WTC, but the New York Times, structural steel textbooks, FEMA, NIST ,and Underwriters Laboratories are not.


Similar experience with an entry for "Debunking 911 Debunking" (D911D)which mirrored the existing wiki entry for "Debunking 9/11 Myths" (D911Myths) .

After a long effort, which involved their insistance that the new D911D site have a prominent link to D911Myths and that D911Myths could have no link to D911D, at the end of it all D911D was deleted. The apparent reason is that there is inadequate mainstream media coverage of D911D to make it wiki worthy.

Support for D911D from Truth sites such as this do not qualify, as wiki takes the view that since Truthers have no leader(s) to make statements on behalf of the whole 911 Truth movement, then there is no way they can say whether or not the Truth movement supports ANY particular thing.

There is more but you get the picture: the deck at wiki is stacked. In the wiki poker game, Popular Mechanics et al always get 5 aces. You might make some progress at wiki, with lots of your effort you may see the issues you want covered come to be at wiki, and over time you might feel a sense of accomplishment in getting wiki to finally acknowledge or encompass a good level of 911 Truth! Inevitably, one day you will lose everything you thought you had gained - courtesy of the wiki card dealers.