Mainstream Journalist: I Was Wrong On 9/11 Truth

Kudos to Mr. Schott for his courage to admit that he was wrong.

From Prisonplanet

A mainstream journalist who yesterday urged his readers to give 9/11 truth protesters in Seattle the finger has completely reversed his position, apologized to the protesters and promised to help get the word out on full disclosure of 9/11 truth.

In our article yesterday, we chastised Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogger Ron Schott for saying 9/11 truth activists were insulting the victims, heroes and family members of 9/11 when in fact many victims, first responders and family members now lead the 9/11 truth movement.

This prompted a barrage of comments on Schott's blog which was initially removed from the website altogether.

However, yesterday evening Schott posted a retraction and an apology, stating that his "Generalization of the activists was harsh and unwarranted."

"The posting of my blog was a spur of the moment decision that I now know was done without forethought and without proper research," writes Schott.

Groups like and many others are not the normal "9/11 was a conspiracy" people you see ranting on the street, but rather are grassroots organizations working toward full-disclosure of the facts surrounding the atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001. It was my uneducated assumptions that tied these groups to the outlying activists that I lumped them in with and I apologize for that.

I would like to personally apologize to Paul Joseph Watson of, Patrick St James, and John Karlo of We Are Seattle Change, as they were the only respondents to leave their names. I invite any of those men to contact me regarding future information about their organizations and the work they are doing to benefit those affected by the events of Sept. 11.

In Schott's response to the comments underneath the blog, he offers to work with 9/11 truth activists to get the word out and says he has undergone a "paradigm shift" as a consequence of his research into information presented to him by truthers.

In recognizing the error of his ways, Schott has displayed more cojones than 99% of so-called mainstream journalists who would never admit to a mistake and indeed make a living from recycling ignorance and spin fed to them by the system. He deserves our utmost respect and also provides hope that there are millions of others like him out there who are just waiting to be brought out of their state of unconsciousness.

So when hit pieces like this one in the Edmonton Sun today tell us to 'lay down GI, you'll never see you sweetheart' and try to deflate our progress, just remember that there are countless others who are still waiting to be touched by the truth and join the ranks of those who are attempting to be the change they want to see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi said.


Thank you Mr. Schott

It takes a big man to admit fault.....Welcome to the TRUTH. Help us spread it.

He doesn't work for that paper

It's a wonderful response he's made, though he's not a journalist for the Seattle P-I.

The blog is here

He is a blogger on the Seattle P-I site, which hosts anyone who wants to write a blog on it, I gather.

This is taken from his last post:

"I wish to address something that has come up and something that I also mentioned in my apology letter: I am not employed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I am a freelance writer who has a hosted blog on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Website and our connection stops there.

For those that are saying I am not a "true" journalist, that is your opinion. I have worked in journalism since the age of 17 and have written, co-written and edited stories ranging from sports to the topic of racism in American high schools. My blogging career has touched on politics, single life, sports and a number of other topics.

Now, I am devoting my free time to digesting the information I have received from the people posting on this blog. I will not promise to follow blindly any information I have received, but will work to understand the facts as they are presented and proved.

Thank you again for your time, consideration and words of encouragement.

Take care,

Ron L. Schott"

Hope for us all

Regardless of where this man writes, he is becoming informed now.
His response really took guts and honesty. He had to become open to the idea that he was tricked,
fooled like most of us in this country were. He had to accept that, swallow that. He had to hit that horrible realization that many of us will never forget, that moment when you say to yourself 'my God!'. That point when you can't rationalize any of this away, where you come to the point that the only thing that rings true is that there are simply no easy answers. The only hope we have is to expose this crazy unbelievable tragedy that was forced on us. What a burden it is to have this knowledge, to come to this realization. Because once you know, you know.

Just know Ron, that you are not alone in this. There are others that share your grief in trying to consume all of this.