Foundations for Successful Action Planning in 9-11 Truth

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In this paper, I sketch a method for planning effective action on 9/11 Truth. It is designed to help any activist group clarify where they want to go, and systematically use the intelligence of the group to move towards the goals. The methods are pretty standard in project management and business process improvement. They help a group reach agreement on a shared destination, understand where there are differences in aims amongst group members, and reach agreement on shared goals and shared values. This actually turns out to be very important, as unrecognized differences can really sabotage the effectiveness of group efforts. It is also extremely useful to understand the obstacles in the way of achieving success, and having practical and effective solutions to getting past these problems. Having an academic understanding of these things is alright, it will help a group gel, but it is really more useful to actually have some practical plans in place that really do guide the practical actions of the group. Such plans are generated by following the method.

The method presented in the following paper is based on tried and true approaches used in my professional career. It may look academic to those not used to structured approaches to problem solving, but it is in fact quite practical. Anyone wanting advice on how to use these approaches may contact me at

Although this method has been prepared for 9-11 truth activists, it is a general model. I give a list of the main components, and after the jump to my site, I have the whole article, including a preliminary worked example.
The method contains the following main components:

· Determine goals and values
· Determine and prioritize problems preventing achievement of the goals
· Determine root causes of each problem
· Set detailed objectives related to goals and resolution of significant and tractable problems
· Generate and prioritize solutions to achieve the objectives
· Determine risks – threats and opportunities – arising from most effective and workable proposed solutions
· Document planned actions, assigning roles and responsibilities to individuals, specifying deliverables and setting dates
· Implement the plans, managing work, including managing risk and communications with stakeholders
· Reflect on the results and return to goals and values stage at some reasonably frequent interval

Determine goals and values

In order to work to a common purpose, there must be an explicit understanding of the shared goals and values guiding the actions taken by the group. These serve as a touchstone for all subsequent work. Any problems are problems with respect to achievement of goals. Any goals must directly reflect shared group values. Any solutions proposed must be consonant with group values. Otherwise, there is a disconnect that may cause problems later on.

The group must agree on values. They should determine and publish the list of shared values.

The group must agree on goals. They should determine and publish the list of shared goals. Eventually, they should refine each goal as more concrete objectives.

When tying to establish goals and values, it is useful for the group to continually ask the question “Why”, in order to approach a deeper level of understanding.

Below, I present my list of personal values, prepared admittedly without much deep thought. It is pretty clear that an "authoritarian follower" would have a very different list. Someone who was strongly a "dominator" would certainly disagree with this list (see You can't assume that the values you hold will be shared with those you are working with on 9/11 Truth. There is a good chance, however, that they will not be too far off.

Honesty, personal integrity, self-honesty
Open-minded skepticism
- Evidence based
- Well founded
- Sound logic
- Ability to revise opinions when new evidence is presented, better arguments are encountered
Liberty, equality, fraternity
Universal imperative, do unto others …

Prevent further corporatism
Increase liberty, restore democracy
Reverse rightward swing
Stop the warmongers’ wars of aggression
Restore justice and fairness
Bring back rule of law
Convince the world of 9-11 truth
Determine the truth about 9-11
Open a new and fair investigation
Bring criminals to justice

This list of goals represents some very off-the-cuff thinking on my part, and would undoubtedly change were I to discuss with other activists. It does not follow that all goals will be achievable, as first posed. The list of goals will be further refined with achievable objectives as well. You can't assume that all goals are of equal priority either. There will be, must be, some passionate debate about goals, their relevance and their priorities.

You can't assume that the goals you hold will be shared with those you are working with on 9/11 Truth. There is a good chance, however, that they will not be too far off.

Each of the steps has been described in more detail. After the method has been more fully explained, some examples will be sketched out. Because this blog does not seem to accept tables, I can't post the full article here. See the full article at: