We Are Change UK Radio show this Sunday

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that We Are Change UK have got a radio show starting in London this Sunday on Resonance FM. We have a 6 week run and are on every Sunday from 6-7PM UK time(currently BST).

Our first show includes a speech by Cynthia McKinney from her recent UK tour, Mohsin Drabu speaking at Speakers Corner(an historical zone of free speech in London), some views from the street and a bit of music.

You can listen online at http://www.resonancefm.com/ Please support the show by writing in to the station and we may be given a more regular slot. This station has some very influential listeners in London.

If you don't get to listen to the show live we will be hosting it on our website which has now gone live. www.wearechange.org.uk any feedback welcome.



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Great news, Andy. We are

Great news, Andy. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of our friends across the pond. The Cynthia McKinney speech was a corker!

Are you going to have a show about 7/7? Does that remain a more taboo subject in the U.K. than 9/11? What is the status of the 7/7 truth movement?

It seems that we are better able to see nefarious activity in other countries than in our own. For example, one of my acquaintances here was only persuaded to look carefully at 9/11 because of the mind-boggling Peter Power 7/7 news clip from the film Terrorstorm.

We will be having a 7/7

We will be having a 7/7 special for our 3rd show. You should check out http://julyseventh.co.uk/ for the most thorough research. We'll be interviewing the sites editors along with Nafeez Ahmed and possibly a few survivors. i'll keep you all updated.