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Posted: Monday, October 22, 2007
3D Visualization of World Trade Center

This video illustrates the efforts of Nathan Evans a Visual Effects and Animation artist to produce a high fidelity visualization of World Trade Center 1 and 2. Showing steel core columns, wiring, ventilation, office furniture, restrooms, concrete, glass, secondary steel columns, office walls and other building content. Keep in mind do to the size of the building it would be impossible to show all the content in these building do to resolution of video and available of processing power that my computer will allow at the present.

In this video it will help you understand visually what the building's content was in wtc1 and 2.

The render is based off the blueprints of floor 47-the noticeable differences of each floor from the blueprints would be the center positioning of the stairs and specific spacing of restrooms and the walls of storage space.

In future videos Nathan Evans is hoping to create World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 matching 100% of each floor from the original blueprints with also covering basement space and content.

To see Nathan Evans past work history you can go to...

Very Nice Work.

Could you please contact We would like to make use of your model if possible. It would be great to be able to pick a floor and see a plan view from your model. This way, one could compare, floor by floor, any oral history, squib location etc. I proposed doing a very similar project some months ago for AE911truth, but have been bogged down by other projects. Your work would be seen and employed by many more A/E researchers Very nice work!

Contact Richard or Scott: