Japanese TV aired abridged version of "911 MYSTERIES"

Nation wide Japanese TV program aired abridged version of "911 MYSTERIES" at 8 p.m. Oct/15/2007.

1st half

2nd half


Name of the program is "Sekai marumie televi tokusoubu". http://www.ntv.co.jp/marumie/onair/071015/071015_03.html
TV station is "Nippon Broadcasting Corporation". http://www.ntv.co.jp/english/

Aired parts were
1) WTC was designed to be tolerant to Boeing 707 clash.
2) Fire caused by Jet fuel was not hot enough.
3) WTC collapsed at free fall speed.
4) The wreckage of WTC looks like controlled demolition.
5) Many people heard explosions before the tower's collapse.
6) Steven Jones
7) Larry Silverstein
8) Scott Forbes (He saw renovation and power down prior to 9/11)
9) Collapse of WTC7
10) BBC reported WTC7 collapse 23 minutes before.

In this program no one said any word Bush, Cheney, Iraq, Afghanistan, nor Inside job.

One of the hosts was Takeshi Kitano (Takeshi is wearing red bow tie, and holding big red hammer in his hand).
You will see him at the end of the video. He is regular host of this program. http://www.ntv.co.jp/marumie/takeshi/

Viva Nippon

This is great !
North Americans will probably be the last to get this stuff broadcast !
Kampie ! (sp?)


Japanese people are generally very well educated -- and most of them would surely understand the fundamental laws of physics. It is so wonderful to hear that key portions of this great documentary have been shown in Japan.


Great news this.

I can't speak fluent Japanese but it did sound as if those viewing the video seemed fairly shocked by what they had seen.

Was good that they didn't carry out the "BBC/Popular Mechanics Style" debunking afterwards. And, Yes, Japanese people have great sense.

Hopefully we will see more of this international broadcasting!! It can only be a good thing!!


Next Step

Tried to find an email address at the Nippon English site. No luck.

How can we foster overseas assistance with 9/11 truth? We can bring 9/11 truth more into the mainstream when US travelers are confronted by the likes of informed Japanese. Any suggestions how to do this? I will give it some electronic activist effort.

TV station's message form

NTV (Nippon Television Network Corporation) doesn't open their e-mail address.
They only have message form in their site. The form page is

You can send your message form this page.
The page is written in Japanese. I don't think they have English page to send a message.
So I made picture for help.

TV crew form this station was shooting truhers at New York around 9/11 this year.
I think producer has enough information on 9/11 truth.
But they are nervous to say the truth. It's too big issue.



both vids are defunct, due to 'terms of use violation' according to youtube.

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Still on Japanese Google Video...

Grab it whist you can...

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Great Flash Video Grabbing site : http://max.subfighter.com/flv/downloader.php


Link : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4633271838183936896


Great stuff

Best wishes

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