Buy a Spy?

The only thing I know about spies comes from reading Tom Clancy novels. But there are always bad spies who are now working for the good guys because the good guys are simply paying them more.

My guess is that some people who suppress 9/11 truth do it for money and excitement.

It occurs to me that one of the best ways to counter the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and similar folks is to pay them more and hire them away. If we pay 'em more, and given that 9/11 truth activism is incredibly exciting, maybe they'll work for the good guys.

If one single well-heeled 9/11 truth activist funded it, we would have enough money to hire one of these professionals away from their work for the Pentagon, and to reveal the methodology and strategy of the government in suppressing the truth.

I'm NOT suggesting hiring them to use their dirty tricks on others. I'm only suggesting paying them so they'll reveal the dirty tricks that they have been using on the 9/11 truth movement.

Good idea or bad idea?

The idea

captures the mercenary quality of the Fighting Keyboardists, but doesn't seem to have a chance in hell of success. I think we just have to accept that some people will be violently opposed to the notion that government should be transparent.

(But, no, I did not rate this blog a "1".)

Bad idea on so many levels

Bad idea on so many levels -
Assuming it were possible - you would be out bid in 2 seconds
Assuming it were possible - funds would be used that could of been spent on effective PR/professional polling/etc.
Assuming it were possible - it would be unethical to pay someone to act as the general public - astroturfing
Assuming it were possible - what would keep them from taking your money and using the funds against you?

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Good idea partially.

It is based on the realization. That the 911 truth movement cannot only be about idealism. To grow in importance, it has to be based on reality. This means not to be afraid of the business side of things. Inevitable in our society.

People making money and career opportunities for 911 truth activists? Sure.
Why not hire a couple of professional lobbyists in Washington?

Dirty Tricks - COINTELPRO

It's better to expose the dirty tricks that are used like inappropriate personal attacks to shut down rational critique and turn threads into mudslinging contests. Personal attacks and ridicule.

"COINTELPRO letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Special Agent in Charge, Albany, 5 July 1968


Bulet 5/10/68 requested suggestions for counterintelligence action against the New Left. The replies to the Bureau's request have been analyzed and it is felt that the following suggestions for counterintelligence action can be utilized by all offices:

1. Preparation of a leaflet designed to counteract the impression that Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other minority groups speak for the majority of students at universities. The leaflet should contain photographs of New Left leadership at the respective university. Naturally, the most obnoxious pictures should be used.

2. The instigating of or the taking advantage of personal conflicts or animosities existing between New Left leaders.

3. The creating of impressions that certain New Left leaders are informants for the Bureau or other law enforcement agencies.

4. The use of articles from student newspapers and/or the "underground press" to show the depravity of New Left leaders and members. In this connection, articles showing advocation of the use of narcotics and free sex are ideal to send to university officials, wealthy donors, members of the legislature and parents of students who are active in New Left matters.

5. Since the use of marijuana and other narcotics is widespread among members of the New Left, you should be alert to opportunities to have them arrested by local authorities on drug charges. Any information concerning the fact that individuals have marijuana or are engaging in a narcotics party should be immediately furnished to local authorities and they should be encouraged to take action.

6. The drawing up of anonymous letters regarding individuals active in the New Left. These letters should set out their activities and should be sent to their parents, neighbors and the parents' employers. This could have the effect of forcing the parents to take action.

7. Anonymous letters or leaflets describing faculty members and graduate assistants in the various institutions of higher learning who are active in New Left matters. The activities and associations of the individual should be set out. Anonymous mailings should be made to university officials, members of the state legislature, Board of Regents, and to the press. Such letters could be signed "A Concerned Alumni" or "A Concerned Taxpayer."

8. Whenever New Left groups engage in disruptive activities on college campuses, cooperative press contacts should be encouraged to emphasize that the disruptive elements constitute a minority of the students and do not represent the conviction of the majority. The press should demand an immediate student referendum on the issue in question. Inasmuch as the overwhelming majority of students is not active in New Left matters, it is felt that this technique, used in carefully selected cases, could put an end to lengthy demonstrations and could cause embarrassment to New Left elements.

9. There is a definite hostility among SDS and other New Left groups toward the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA), and the Progressive Labor Party (PLP). This hostility should be exploited wherever possible.

10. The field was previously advised that New Left groups are attempting to open coffeehouses near military bases in order to influence members of the Armed Forces. Wherever these coffeehouses are, friendly news media should be alerted to them and their purpose. In addition, various drugs, such as marijuana, will probably be utilized by individuals running the coffeehouses or frequenting them. Local law enforcement authorities should be promptly advised whenever you receive an indication that this is being done.

11. Consider the use of cartoons, photographs, and anonymous letters which will have the effect of ridiculing the New Left. Ridicule is one of the most potent weapons which we can use against it.

12. Be alert for opportunities to confuse and disrupt New Left activities by misinformation. For example, when events are planned, notification that the event has been cancelled or postponed could be sent to various individuals.

You are reminded that no counterintelligence action is to be taken without Bureau approval. Insure that this Program is assigned to an Agent with an excellent knowledge of both New Left groups and individuals. It must be approached with imagination and enthusiasm if it is to be successful.

As an economy measure the caption "COINTELPRO - NEW LEFT" should be used on all communications concerning this Program."


im still not quite sure if you really meant this serious or not, but in case you did, i think its a really bad idea.

We don't have that kind of money

But I give you points for thinking outside the box. ;-)

Even if it worked, this isn't something you put in the classifieds...