Pentagon attack debate (CIT vs The Frustrating Fraud)

Props to Caustic Logic, creator of The Frustrating Fraud blog for agreeing to accept my challenge to a recorded debate. He has declined to discuss the info over the phone in the past but the fact that he finally agreed does add a notch of credibility/legitimacy to his truth seeking efforts in my opinion.

I must admit it was strange to hear him verbalize his contradictory explanation for the north side evidence.

Although he is a self proclaimed LIHOPer he has stated that he believes the most likely scenario is that all of the CITGO witnesses are part of the conspiracy and are planted operatives put out to spread disinformation that proves the official story false.

The irony in this is that he has to accept this wild conspiracy theory (with no evidence) as a method to dismiss what he asserts is a wild conspiracy theory (that is supported with strong evidence).

To assert that previously unknown immigrant citizen gas station attendants and mechanic witnesses were laying in wait for 5 years to prove the official story false even though the operation has been completely successful and they merely let it happen exactly as reported in the first place has no legitimate motive to back it up.

The notion that we happened to find 2 of these random operatives independently and simultaneously from canvassing the area and were able to get full confirmation of their accounts from 2 additional Pentagon police officers who also have to be in on the plot is arguably one of the most unlikely theories I have heard yet.

I also announce two ADDITIONAL north side witnesses that we have found since the release of our data for a total of 6.

Listen to the debate and you decide!

(compiled with additional comments added by CIT)