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The 2nd Plane Cover Story (new CIT release!)

In this 34 minute presentation we expose the dubious details surrounding reports of a 2nd plane that was allegedly following or "shadowing" the Pentagon attack jet until the moment it reached the building. We expose how these claims were blended with reports of real planes that were in the airspace soon after the attack. We present exclusive interviews with alleged witnesses Keith Wheelhouse, Joel Sucherman, and Vin Narayanan and explain how their accounts have served as effective cover for the flyover.

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Norman Mineta’s Flight Path Statements - The Overlooked 9/11 Smoking Gun

Norman Mineta’s Flight Path Statements
The Overlooked 9/11 Smoking Gun

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has been a strong focus of the 9/11 truth movement due to statements he made to the 9/11 Commission indicating an alleged stand down order from Vice President Dick Cheney regarding intercepting the Pentagon attack jet. The implication that the attack was let happen on purpose or “LIHOP’ed” as it is often referred to by people in the movement, is hard to ignore. But other statements made by Norman Mineta in an interview with Robert Hager with NBC News regarding the flight path have even more serious implications yet have been virtually unnoticed.

The candid interview is from 2002 long before the NTSB released the data from the alleged black box in 2006 or 84 RADES released the alleged radar data in 2007.

The Lack of Foundation Damage at the Pentagon is Irreconcilable with the Official Reports and Data

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(This is a follow up article to our recent related piece about the aeronautically impossible required descent angle.)

The Lack of Foundation Damage at the Pentagon is Irreconcilable with the Official Reports and Data

By: Craig Ranke, Citizen Investigation Team
Rob Balsamo, Pilots For 9/11 Truth

03/15/08 - The lack of foundation damage at the Pentagon is irreconcilable with the official reports and is strong physical evidence contradicting the 9/11 official story.

The ASCE Building Performance Report has meticulously documented the damage to the building and has come to the conclusion that all damage from the alleged plane impact was limited to the bottom two floors, but primarily below the 2nd floor slab so that 90 tons of jumbo jet would have slid on it's belly across the 1st floor slab all the way through the C-ring.

Groundbreaking NEW evidence proving a miltiary deception on 9/11 now released!

If you don't have time to watch a full hour and 40 minute presentation I recommend that you at least first watch this 12 minute short that focuses on the critical testimony of charter boat captain Steve Chaconas who was bass fishing on the Potomac River on 9/11:

Steve adds to an incredible list of supporting evidence demonstrating how the plane came from east of the river in stark contradiction to all official reports and data. All of this evidence and more is featured in our new full feature release:

The Pentagon Flyover
How They Pulled It Off

Trailer for upcoming CIT release....

Here is the trailer for our upcoming presentation that will reveal more groundbreaking evidence independently obtained by CIT. This new full length feature will show you exactly how and why they were able to pull off the Pentagon flyover and we will present new evidence proving the official black box and radar data fraudulent.

"The Pentagon Flyover: How They Pulled It Off"

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Pentagon attack debate (CIT vs The Frustrating Fraud)

Props to Caustic Logic, creator of The Frustrating Fraud blog for agreeing to accept my challenge to a recorded debate. He has declined to discuss the info over the phone in the past but the fact that he finally agreed does add a notch of credibility/legitimacy to his truth seeking efforts in my opinion.

I must admit it was strange to hear him verbalize his contradictory explanation for the north side evidence.

Although he is a self proclaimed LIHOPer he has stated that he believes the most likely scenario is that all of the CITGO witnesses are part of the conspiracy and are planted operatives put out to spread disinformation that proves the official story false.

The irony in this is that he has to accept this wild conspiracy theory (with no evidence) as a method to dismiss what he asserts is a wild conspiracy theory (that is supported with strong evidence).

Location Video Of Pentagon Streets And Highways

A big part of the Pentagon attack misconception is that "thousands" in the area would be able to see the entire event go down.
Nothing could be farther from the truth primarily due to the complex topography and also of course how fast it would happen. In fact there are very few areas at all where you would be able to see the alleged "impact" and most who would be able to see the plane at all would only see it for about a split second.

The flyover would be concealed by the massive fireball and smoke plume as it cranked and banked upriver disguised as normal flight traffic out of Reagan that you can see regularly in the area as well as in the following footage.

CIT brings you to all of the surrounding areas to show you what it looks like for real.

The following series of location shots are invaluable for people trying to get familiar with the area in order to understand how this deception was carried out.

CIT Jettin' Crosstown

Cruise down Columbia Pike to Route 27 northbound and then back south on Route 27 again.

CIT to make important research trip to Arlington this weekend.

My partner Aldo and I will be in Arlington from Thursday Nov 1st through Monday Nov 5th.

We have some important interviews lined up and will be continuing our investigation.

As a simple precaution we are making our trip public knowledge.

We have no reason to expect any problems and although some will accuse us of being paranoid or seeking attention by posting this information we are not concerned with ridicule from detractors and have determined it best to make our trip known.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to sharing with you the information we uncover.

Craig Ranke

How many Pentagon witnesses say they saw a plane hit light poles?

757 impact proponents seem to have no problem citing mainstream media reports with zero research, analysis, confirmation, or investigation.

Considering that 9/11 was a psychological attack with the media being the weapon of choice this is inherently suicide in the pursuit of truth.

Typically the same lists are published over and over by people like Jim Hoffman, Eric Bart, and most recently, anonymous blogger Arabasque.

CIT has shown you why we can't trust a lot of these suspect witnesses and why it's so important to seek out previously unknown witnesses if we want to find the real truth.

Due to the north of the citgo evidence we focus a lot of attention on the light poles and see them as the key physical evidence proving an outright deception on 9/11.

So this thread is meant to examine all known witnesses who allegedly saw the light poles get hit.

The downed light poles at the Pentagon were staged in advance.

The downed light poles at the Pentagon are arguably the most convincing evidence that a 757 caused the physical damage that day.

But now that we know the plane was on the north side of the CITGO station it is clear that it could not have hit the poles.

This is compounded by the fact that it is physically impossible for Lloyd England's story to be true.

This may seem like a complex task but it would actually be quite simple for the suspect in question to accomplish.

First realize that the area is the literal backyard of the suspect and one of the most highly secured areas in the nation.

It's right by the heliport where the President travels from quite often and in fact he had left from there the day before and was scheduled to return there that afternoon!

Heliport firefighter Allan Wallace:

"Flight 77" The White Plane (explosive new evidence from CIT!)

CIT further exposes the mainstream media cover-up with this extremely important new 37 minute short revealing what the people of Arlington REALLY saw on 9/11.

It's clear the media is complicit in this operation and/or manipulated by the perpetrators so to accept what they report out of hand and keep turning back to the previously published eyewitness accounts as valid evidence can only push us farther from the truth.

Here we lift the veil of media deception to give you an inside look at how the operation was carried out.

Citizen Investigation Team presents:

"Flight 77" The White Plane

The USA Today Parade (featuring Joel Sucherman & Mike Walter)

This presentation shows you the actual point of view that witnesses on Route 27 would have of the Pentagon attack. Not that many would be in a position to see the plane at all; but most of those who could see it still wouldn’t have been able to see the alleged impact. We examine the suspicious coincidences surrounding the high number of USA Today reporters and editors and feature our exclusive interview with Joel Sucherman.

CIT presents: "The First Known Accomplice?"

Citizen Investigation Team presents our interview with taxicab driver Lloyd England in regards to the 9/11 Pentagon attack. Lloyd's account of a jet airliner clipping light pole #1 causing it to spear his windshield has been thrown into serious question as a result of testimony from the witnesses at the CITGO station who all place the plane on the north side far from the light pole that allegedly hit his cab. At this point the debate about what happened at the Pentagon boils down to whether you choose to believe the CITGO witnesses or Lloyd. CIT asks you to make up your own mind but suggests you watch Lloyd's first-hand testimony in this presentation after viewing the testimony from the CITGO witnesses presented in The PentaCon for free on our website:

"The First Known Accomplice?"