Dylan Avery - David Ray Griffin UK radio appearances / LCFC review

Dylan was on TotalRock radio with Tim Sparke and had a great interview. The Griffin/Monbiot match didn't happen, but hopefully, it will be rescheduled.


Dylan Avery and Tim Sparke will be appearing on Maz Lewinski's show "Anarchy on the Airwaves" from 7pm to 9pm GMT tonight on Total Rock Radio.

Nineeleven.co.uk also has a post about David Ray Griffin taking on George Monbiot on James Whale's radio program on TalkSport.


The interview is supposed to follow a soccer match, so it would be a good idea to start listening around 10pm GMT, but posters on the UK forum are suggesting the Griffin/Monbiot match won't begin until 11pm GMT.

Morons and Magic: A Reply to George Monbiot by David Ray Griffin

Griffin sent in a review of LCFC, by film critic, Rob Nelson.


Spare 'Change'? Film panhandles for 9/11 outrage

Looking for a turkey-day screening alternative to football? How about the most widely debated and downloaded of 9/11 conspiracy documentaries, now available in a special two-hour edition? Holiday fun for the whole family, right?

"Loose Change: Final Cut," for sale on DVD and via streaming video from the film's website, premiered last Sunday to a near-sellout crowd at the Riverview Theater, where 27-year-old co-producer Jason Bermas modestly suggested to the crowd that Thanksgiving Day viewings of his guerrilla media counterattack could help keep the home fires burning.

Why not? Sniffing around everything from a hijacker's porno-movie rental on Sept. 10, 2001, to the U.S. war games allegedly in progress when the first plane hit, "Loose Change"—"writen" [sic], as per the opening credits, by 24-year-old Dylan Avery, who also directed — makes skepticism at least as tasty as anything else being dished out this season.

Previous cuts downloaded 50 million times
A bona fide new-media phenomenon in its two previous editions, which have apparently been downloaded some 50 million times, "Loose Change" works by panhandling for our outrage. The viewer can direct his frustration at the filmmakers themselves for suggesting, not always persuasively, that 9/11 was an "inside job" complete with controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, or at the government and mainstream media for taking the "9/11 Commission Report" as the definitive word on the subject.

Naturally, both varieties of irritation were on display at the Riverview. Outside the theater, one middle-aged gent held a placard reading, "Dylan Avery is a Bad Filmmaker" (harsh!), while other dissenters distributed pamphlets characteristic of the sizable anti-"Change" contingent (e.g., "Do not let 'Final Cut' be the final word"). Inside, the paying audience, much of which was outfitted in truth-movement T-shirts, gave the movie a standing ovation. Several scenes were met with loud applause — particularly footage of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney unconvincingly addressing cable news reporters' questions with stammered speech and darting eyes.

Toe-tapping music, too
Combining speculative reenactments, talking-head testimony and copious archival footage to refute the official version of an historical tragedy, "Loose Change" operates vaguely in the tradition of Emile de Antonio's classic Warren Commission rebuttal "Rush to Judgment." But of course that 1967 doc doesn't feature anything like the Casio keyboard-style "Change" score, much of which, with its electronic synth-blasts and handclaps, is downright funky.

It's plenty odd indeed to catch yourself tapping your toes to a movie that insinuates thousands of Americans were murdered by members of their own government. Yet perverse gratification seems among the intended responses to "Loose Change," a movie that allows disbelievers of all sorts to fumble and fume their way toward catharsis. Personally, I'm neither qualified nor inclined to evaluate the film's veracity relative to other 9/11 stories, official and otherwise. Yet this purportedly final cut does strike me as being impressively assembled on a minuscule budget, as well as both enjoyable and disturbing.

Suspicions rewarded
Like a lot of recent docs, including more conventionally accomplished ones such as "No End in Sight," "Loose Change" rewards one's suspicions of the current administration in general and its handling of the terror war in particular. So, too, the movie at once hails and condemns the mainstream media's coverage of 9/11. Along with interviewed survivors speaking of lower-floor "explosions" in the towers just before they fell, the wealth of TV news clips from the first week after the attacks features establishment anchors spouting off the cuff about the similarity of the buildings' swift collapses to "demolition." Seen today, even CNN broadcasts from that chaotic period convey a startling degree of honesty — though it's not so easy to find a newscaster on any network poking around the official story now.

At the Riverview, Bermas appeared at least as charismatic and articulate as, say, Anderson Cooper. Appearing in a bright red hoodie emblazoned with "Investigate 9/11" (his own trendsetting design), answering viewers coolly and to their satisfaction, the independent producer also took the liberty of endorsing Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, calling for a subpoena of Cheney's 9/11 bunker-mate Norman Minetta, and, yes, asking for donations.

The movie isn't called "Loose Change" for nothing.

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May Professor Griffin clean the floor with that pompous twit, Monbiot!

sorry guys but this is mo

sorry guys but this is mo longer on! England lsot a big football(soccer) game and they are having calls on that now as the whole nation falls into depression. Dylan and Tim were on Total Rock earlier and will be on We Are Change UK Radio on Sunday. the Monbiot debate should happen next week.

Big ups

First of all BIG UPs to the LC crew.

The footage and commentary in LCFC is ASTOUNDING... a great testament to our times.

[a] I am however disappointed about:

- the low download numbers
- the apathy of my older acquatances vis-a-vis LCFC
- the missing media-coverage

I have hopes that my three misgivings will be addressed and ameliorated over time ...

But right now I am disheartened. I expected more.

I was expecting a concerted effort to bring the release of LCFC to the attention of the masses.

[b] I thought we would be able to:

- emphasize the HOOK in LCFC
- stampede the news-media with a synchronized RELEASE commentary
- propel the actual film into the viewing channels

Have I missed something, or is this yet to come with the cinematic release?

when replying to my rant here, please state your position to [a] and [b], please.

Anti Climatic

I agree . . . the Mark Cuban theatrical release sputtered and wasn't explained. However, the movie is outstanding.

I spoke with Jason Bermas last weekend about this..

He told me that Louder than Words pulled out of the deal because Cuban was asking for final editing rights and control over LC2E.
They rejected and made a counter deal which Cuban rejected.

That's what I guessed

The LC guys didn't hype the Mark Cuban or Charlie Sheen connections . . . they were trying to keep everything close to the vest. So I didn't expect them to explain . . . but I was personally disappointed . . still waiting for the truth damn to break wide open . . . this truth biz is hard work!

I also purchased streams but was not allowed to watch them. I look at it like a 5.95 contribution to the cause. This is no ordinary movie.

And . . . I support the LC guys 100% and will purchase the movie once the smoke clears.

Disappointed, too.

I was disappointed with the WTC7 part of the movie. The BBC clip they chose discussing the collapse before it happened had to be the worst one possible. Why didn't they show the clips with the banner across the screen stating that the building had already fell or the shots where the building was still there when she moved. I feel the clips they showed will do nothing to even interest some one if they are seeing it for the first time.

What about the interview with Barry Jennings that talked about the bombs going off in WTC7 lobby BEFORE 1 and 2 collapsed? Was all that bullshit? Considering they were involved with the interview I was expecting LCFC to make this a big part of the WTC7 segment. (http://www.911blogger.com/node/9437)

Maybe I was tired when I watched it, but I thought the whole thing was kind of boring compared to LC2 even though I thought the info presented was excellent. Since you can only show so much material in 2 hrs, I hope they produce a bunch of short clips with the stuff they couldn't include. I bet they have a lot of it.

Overall, I didn't get a good feeling about thow well this would promote the truth about that day. I hope I'm wrong.

No theatrical release is a

No theatrical release is a huge disappointment. But is there any chance that Dylan & Co. will shop this around to film festivals? That would be a good alternative way to break the damn so to speak.

Tim Sparke Executive

Tim Sparke
Executive Producer
Loose Change Final Cut

Oh dear

looks like you all agree with me .. holy crap!

I omitted to say that I found the film boring, too.
But that is not important. The film is a FIRST CLASS evidence kits for a day on court. Most court cased are boring.

The excitement comes from the fact that 6 years after this dastardly act the world is still left uninformed. LCFC counters this fact, but more promotion is needed.

Ideas please.

Oh dear

looks like you all agree with me .. holy crap!

I omitted to say that I found the film boring, too.
But that is not important. The film is a FIRST CLASS evidence kits for a day on court. Most court cased are boring.

The excitement comes from the fact that 6 years after this dastardly act the world is still left uninformed. LCFC counters this fact, but more promotion is needed.

Ideas please.