Information Relevant to Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine

Naomi Klein's recent book The Shock Doctrine is an excellent account of how disater capitalism works, particularly in the aftermath of the attacks of 911 and hurricane Katrina. However, it only focuses on part of the story - after the disaster. As such, when asked in a recent interview if she believed that the benefactors of "shock and awe" campaigns in the aftermath of such disasters could possibly have also had a hand in orchestrating them her response was that she is "not a conspiracy theorist." I respect her work very much thus I sent this email to her publicist in the hopes that she will have the courage to consider the rest of the story - before the disasters. At the very least, for both 911 and Katrina, numerous warnings to government officials were ignored leaving the public woefully unprepared and ill-equiped to protect themselves. I'm posting this letter in the hopes that others will ask public figures to be accountable for the information they give and continue to educate themselves when given an opportunity to do so.

Dear Ms. Levy,

I understand that Ms. Klein is on a book tour at this time and would very much appreciate it if you could forward her this message for her to review when she has time in the future. It contains important information that Ms. Klein might be interested in reading.

Thank you kindly for your assistance and have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,
Laurie Manwell

Dear Ms. Klein,

I have read your book The Shock Doctrine and was very impressed and appreciative of your dedication to revealing the truth and pursuit of social justice. I've also seen your interviews and you are a very well spoken and insightful person. It would seem that you have courage to seek the truth no matter how uncomfortable or alarming as it might be.

As such, I am very respectfully requesting that you take just an hour or two of your precious time to further investigate the claims of many scientists and academics at the Journal of 911 Studies that the events of September 11, 2001 were not the sole work of Osama bin Laden. Before you dismiss such inquiry as "conspiracy theory" please understand that that the scholars published in this journal have risked their reputations and safety to uncover the truth about 911 that the general public is not aware of. They are people just like you who care deeply for humanity and the dire straits it is currently in. They are also well respected and established researchers and professors who deserve to at least be listened to.

I am a behavioural neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Guelph Ontario and have written two papers for the journal. The papers discuss in depth the psychological reasons of why it is so difficult for the average person to even consider and investigate the events of 911 beyond the official story given by the Bush Administration and the corporate backed mainstream media. Again, before you dismiss our calls for a new truly independent, international investigation into 911 and the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and possible war with Iran, please take the time to learn about the psychology behind why "shock and awe" works so well on our North American population. In my papers I present mainstream scientific studies documenting the various cognitive processes and faulty beliefs that people engage in that prevent them from even considering evidence that contradicts the official account. Here are my papers which I sincerely hope that you will give some consideration to:

There are also many other important papers that deal with the scientific evidence of controlled demolition of the twin towers and tower 7 that was not hit by a plane by Physicist Steven Jones:

and several papers on the historical facts of that day by both Dr. David Ray Griffin and Dr. Peter Dale Scott:,911,andWar.pdf

Ms. Klein, please let me thank you for researching and writing such an important book. Thank you also for taking the time to read this email and consider my request. I sincerely hope that you will consider the research and writings of the scholars at the Journal of 911 Studies as relevant and significant as your own. If you wish to speak with me you can reach me at the contacts below.

Best wishes for all of your future endeavours,

Great letter! Why would Naomi Klein claim that she's "not a

"conspiracy theorist." Criminals never commit "conspiracies"??? Is it just an "accident" that we invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, (Iran?)???

Another quote for today:

"As a rhetorical question, can someone please explain to me how it is that progressive liberals such as John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, as well as do-gooder humanitarians with multiple social projects ongoing such as the Rockefellers and every Royal House in Europe, can perennially attend Bilderberg meetings apparently knowing that the final objective of this despicable group of hoodlums is a fascist One World Empire?

–Daniel Estulin The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group, recently published by TrineDay (P.318)

How can you believe

and even explain disaster capitalism and then halt at the possibility to "help" the disaster on its way?

It's like saying: "Yes, I believe sound could be recorded on a record but why would anyone consider doing that?"

I think her reason for this "ignorance" is that she would have to point at people, now she can safely get away with theorizing only.


Yeah I find that a bit comical.
But, I think Naomi has potential to become a LIHOPer.

Btw, very nice letter Laurie!
Free .pdf of Gold, Peace, and Prosperity by Ron Paul

I truly believe she knows the whole Diabolical truth but denies

I truly believe she knows the whole Diabolical truth but denies it.

How could she not?

You are saying she may COME OUT as LIHOP?

Laurie's letter is excellent

Not sure what you find comical. More important is why you even bring up that she might believe that it was let to happen on purpose, when we have volumes of research that indicates otherwise. Her analysis of the information is her own, and to imply that she must first go through some stages before she can deal with what the research indicates is insulting to her, or anyone, IMHO.

I believe they are criticizing Naomi Klein

when they say "she," not Laurie.

Blows against the Empiricists

Dear Ms. Manwell,

Thank you for your excellent letter to Ms. Klein. Civility is often the best, though least used tool for reaching those whom one wishes to get to take a closer look at what 9/11 Truth really means, what it adds up to. The consequences of masses of evidence supporting alternative theories and working hypotheses contrary to the official account, are almost unfathomably important. Getting people to look at the evidence can be a deeply dispiriting experience, as I'm sure most 911 Blogger's users and readers know all too well.

Ms. Klein, who I also admire, unfortunately gave a dismal and revealing knee-jerk response in her interview. What does, "I'm not a conspiracy theorist," really mean? Regardless of what those who use the phrase think they mean, they are always really saying, "I have a closed mind." That, in addition to saying, "I have accepted a knee-jerk response to a subject of inquiry and adopted an unexamined use of language to express this response."
I was pretty shocked to read Ms. Klein's answer. Just as I'm shocked when other thoughtful individuals (even people whose work it is to investigate, test and question received ideas) continue to parrot the "not a conspiracy theorist" response. In doing so they abandon their intellectual bone fides, and unwittingly expose prejudices that corrupt any epistemological claims they might make for their thinking.
I'm sick to death of the "conspiracy theorist" defense; a shorthand for revealing the fatal flaw at the heart of an asserted empirical methodology.

I hope you're successful with your letter. The deafening repetition of this response by so many self-proclaimed Nietzschean-styled thinkers, is an appalling reminder of the failure of philosophy and the failure of science. The failure of any discipline that espouses the inherent value of truth while all the while hosting a parasite of unquestioned methods of reasoning, Pavlovian-like responses, or psychological neuroses.

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon

it goes to show

how powerful the "conspiracy theorist" label is.

we need to confront the use of labels by asking people to explain what they mean. Remind the intellectuals and book authors that convenient labeling just serves to obscure the truth and does nothing to further the dialog. People that use this label or many others, are just lazy and want to shunt the discussion. Call them on it. Express disappointment. Demand some intellectual honesty.

Maybe she is truth undercover

Her book tour presents opportunities to reach a demographic that might be receptive.

Book Tour

November 28, 2007 New York City
December 3, 2007 Miami
December 5, 2007 Minneapolis
December 6, 2007 Los Angeles
December 7, 2007 Portland, Oregon
December 8, 2007 Boulder
December 9, 2007 Denver

Osama bin Oswald

'...not the sole work of Osama bin Laden.'

Not that I don't appreciate Laurie Manwell's efforts, but why not simply drop the word 'sole' from the above passage? Otherwise, we have an updated version of the 'Did Oswald act alone?' line of questioning which permits opponents of the truth to set the terms of the debate, just as the authors and defenders of the Warren report were permitted to in the case of the JFK assassination.

Remember--why is 9/11 not mentioned on the FBI's Most Wanted entry for bin Laden? Not because they have 'no solid evidence' that he was the sole author of those crimes, but because--as they have admitted-- they have 'no solid evidence' linking him to those crimes at all.

Good Point - There's another important connection too...

Good point. I just didn't want to present it too strongly. However, if I do remember correctly, Naomi Klein is married to Avi Lewis, who is Stephen Lewis' son, which makes Michele Landsberg her mother-in-law. For anyone who has read my papers, I talk about Michele Landsberg as one of the very first Canadian journalists to publicly question the offical story and suggest that insiders were involved. She was criticized severely for it and has not written about it since....

Michelle Landsberg

Is this the article you refer to?

That's the one

I referenced in the first paper (pg 35). And I double checked and Michele is her mother-in-law, so Naomi must be familiar with how people are attacked when they question the official story.

Naomi in Toronto

All of which lead me to believe she's not totally in the dark vis a vis 9/11 Truth.
Oh look! Guess who's going to be in Toronto tomorrow nite? Looks like a good cause too.
I was going to attend but have a "can't miss" party instead.
If you're in the area (anyone) maybe you could ask her what she really thinks off the record.

Truth movement next phase

Its my feeling that the truth movement needs to broaden its message to educate the book authors about false flag operations. It seems that many don't understand this or refuse to discuss it. I appreciate this message and encourage us all to confront these authors and ask them to comment on the role of false flag operations in various powerful books that have come out on creeping fascism (Naomi Wolf's book), the shock and awe doctrine (Klein's book) or how the media takes us into war (Norman Soloman's War Made Easy).

Disaster Capitalism and its Shock Doctrine-- making Nazism seem

Disaster Capitalism and its Shock Doctrine-- making Nazism seem tame
By Rob Kall
November 25, 2007

Original Content at

November 25, 2007

Disaster Capitalism and its Shock Doctrine-- making Nazism seem tame

By Rob Kall
Naomi Klein's book SHOCK DOCTRINE describes perhaps the most horrific, monstrous movements in the history of the world-- Disaster Capitalism's Shock Doctrine. It has caused the deaths, maiming and torturing of millions throughout the world. It's supporters and promoters should be tried, convicted and imprisoned in the deepest, nastiest prisons.

Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine, should be required reading by every American. This book has really shook me up. It's done a major surgical restructuring of my brain-- the way I look at the world, at politics. That's because it puts things together, adds things up, explains patterns-- malignant patterns, the way the US, the CIA, corporations and monstrous totalitarian dictators have operated. It ties these despicable creatures and crimes to neocon globalist, free trade philosophies.

One other book that really reached me was Sinclair Lewis's IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, which describes how the US is taken over by fascists. I keep a 1935 copy of it in view on my computer workspace. When I saw the book SHOCK DOCTRINE, the cover looked familiar. But I let it go. Then, I glanced, while holding SHOCK DOCTRINE in my hand, at my copy of IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE. I realized how similar the covers are. I'm dying to find out if this was intentional or simply a serendipitous visual accident....