Sander Hicks publishes FBI interview / announces West Coast Promo Tour

(Hicks has published his interview with FBI agent Stephen Hayes regarding The Strange Death of David M. Graham, over at GNN, and announces a tour to publicize his research. During the tour, Hicks will be seeking out people interested in setting up a business along the lines of his Brooklyn-based VoxPop. See end of this post for details. -rep.)

FBI Special Agent Stephen Hayes Interview

Thu, 13 Dec 2007

A Supplement to the Shreveport Diary

Transcript: FBI Special Agent Stephen Hayes Interview with Sander Hicks, while investigating the murder of Dr. David Graham.

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana FBI Office.

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2007.

Transcript typed up from hand-written notes and audio recording. Reporter Jordan Green (Yes! Weekly) witnessed this conversation and has proofed this document for accuracy.

BACKGROUND: This was an in-person interview at the Shreveport FBI office. I was extremely lucky to get it. On day two of our investigation into the death of Shreveport 9/11 researcher Dr. David Graham, we showed up at the local FBI office without an appointment. Jordan had been in contact with them by phone.

We were refused an audience with Special Agent in Charge Mike Kinder. The receptionist kept on going back and forth. (I insisted this was a matter of national security.) Special Agent Stephen Hayes at that point came out, to the thick plexi-glass window of the receptionist’s desk. He identified himself, not by name, but as the “agent on call” or something, meaning that he would handle us. I looked down at his ID badge on his chain around his neck, and this is the conversation that transpired:

Hicks: Special Agent Steve Hayes! Oh! I know you had some experiences with Dr. Graham. Our questions have to do with the Shreveport FBI. Really my main question is can we see the file on Dr. Graham?

Hayes: We don’t keep files on everyone who supplies us with information.

[Hayes then complains about lunatics complaining to FBI about chemtrails.]

Hicks: [Private investigator] Rick Turner said that anyone who provides information to the FBI gets a file started on them.

Hayes: Did Turner work for the FBI?

Hicks: He did go to Quantico [FBI training facility, where Turner completed training program, while a chief of police in Texas.]

Hicks: Why did Shreveport FBI imply that Graham may have committed suicide? Or that he was crazy?

Hayes: Did you know that Graham lived above his office? Did you talk to his Secretary? Did you know that Graham had to be reminded to lock up the office at night? …Did you read his book? Did you notice [Graham] wrote all this stuff about 9/11 after 9/11?

Hicks: That’s not what he says, sir. According to his book, you, the Shreveport FBI, visited him in his office before 9/11, and took testimony about his meeting w/ Nawaf Al Hazmi… Now there’s a whole bunch of other books, like this [Hicks holds up Trento’s book Unsafe at Any Altitude] a new book by Joe Trento, close to CIA, he’s got sources inside Western and European intelligence, Saudi intelligence, that say the guys that were here, in Shreveport, namely Nawaf Al Hazmi and Khalid Al Mihdhar, were agents of Saudi G.I.D. Was Mohammad Jamal Khan an informant?

[Five second pause. Hayes’ eyes glare at Hicks, dart around a little]

Hayes: We don’t discuss informants. To my knowledge, no.

Hicks: I’ll take that as a “yes.”

Hayes: [growing angry] You can take it anyway you want.

Hicks: Did you visit Dr. Graham in his office?

Hayes: Yes I did.

Hicks: Did you visit him before 9/11?

Hayes: Yes.

Hicks: Was it to discuss young Arabs?

Hayes: It was to discuss a $10,000 investment in a textile operation.

[According to Graham’s book, this is the investment that Pakistani terrorist handler Mohammad Jamal Khan was trying to rope Graham into.]

Hayes: Are you saying he [Graham] knew all about 9/11 before it happened? I mean, I haven’t read all of his book.

Hicks: Why not? You’re a paid Federal agent.

Hayes: Did he ever get it published?

Hicks: Special Agent Hayes, he was poisoned on the verge of publishing his book. You can not argue that…

Hayes: You and Graham would have gotten along real well…

Hicks: What are you saying, that….

Hayes: You and Graham would have gotten along real well together.

Hicks: Yeah, I believe so too.

Hayes: We’re done.

Hicks: Why are we done?

Hayes: [turning to someone] Call Security.

We leave the building promptly, taking the stairs. Green at this point notes to me that we can’t be arrested for trespassing, as we were never asked to leave. Earlier, we had joked about wanting to stay out of Guantanamo as a result of doing this story. Suddenly, those jokes seemed a little less ridiculous.


Since this interview was done, and some media have begun looking into the case, the FBI has stepped up their defamation of Dr. David Graham. According to local friend Richard Wilkes, Shreveport FBI head Mike Kinder has been telling reporters that Graham was a closeted homosexual. Wilkes was flabbergasted. He told me he believes this is another desperate FBI Shreveport lie. You can kill the man, but you can’t kill the truth.

Other sources tell us Kinder himself has been recalled to Washington.

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Have you read the Graham Report?

Reprehensor, have you read 'the Graham Report' ?

The guy does seem a bit paranoid. He's all about the evil-doers scenario.

From Dr. Graham's (posted at "The Graham Report"

All Americans should support the Bush Administration’s recent concerted
effort to search for ~ and capture or eliminate ~ Usama bin Laden,
just as was dealt Saddam Hussein. At printing, allegedly few
searches are allowed more than five hundred (500’) feet from the
edge of major highways in Northwest Pakistan tribal areas.
Tradition. Can we trust Pakistan to take out bin Laden? Considering
this is where the Taliban began, it is no stretch to call it a safe
haven for bin Laden until serious action is undertaken by the United
States’ military.


After September 11, 2001 America had every right to attack the terrorist
training camps in Afghanistan, then proceed with shared intelligence
to attack the terror enclaves of Iraq while eliminating the “new
Hitler” Saddam Hussein and his two emotionally disturbed sons.
Between these two battlefronts, many millions of tortured and abused
citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq were liberated to decide the
structure of their new governments.

Though no American leader has promised overnight
success, war/post-war strategies for both countries are on target ~
battle success, consensus-appointed leaders, transitional government,
adopting a constitution, followed by an elected democratic
government. And, along this journey, cowardly Muslim fundamentalists
will undoubtedly try to kill and frighten those yearning to be free.
A bold and brave America will one day stand proud for staying the
course in order to liberate millions into a new world of freedom.

I did a quick review of the latest 2 part series called Collateral that covered this. You can read that here
Dr. Graham's 9/11 - Another Goose Chase By Sander Hicks?

If you ask me, the guy seems a little paranoid about the Muslim next door. The story is a little bizar about how he sees "strange names on boxes" and how he 'may have been drugged' during his third and final meeting with Kahan. After just two sips of coffee Dr. Graham was convinced he was drugged during an attempt by Kahan to copy his credit cards (a theory Grahams buddy came up with after Graham apparently stumbled home halfway sedated).

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I have to agree...

... the Graham's story (as relayed through Graham's Report) is bizarre, indeed...

The first and main thing that stands out, is the huge contrast in wit and success btw. dr. Graham and Mr. Khan. Dr. Graham is just unbelievably successful in his "working" of Mr. Khan -- he never gets exposed, earns his trust very fast and effortlessly, peculiar things and people just happen to be exposed to him in a short timeframe. Contrast this with Mr. Khan, what a fumbling idiot he must have been. He just makes one fumble after another -- allows the boxes with names to be seen, allows his "friends" to stumble in and converses with them in the presence of dr. Graham, unsuccessfully tries to sedate the doctor, drops the name of Osama bin Laden (who was on the most wanted list way before 9-11), doesn't realize dr. Graham is not interested in investing in his venture... A cartoonishly witless behaviour for a middle-easterner.

Another bizarre aspect -- how could Khan continue socializing with Graham after his failed drugging attempt as if nothing had happened -- going to the ball game, inviting him again in his house where Graham gets the chance to "meet" the other guys and hear the Osama reference? He should have known that Graham was aware about his attempted foul play (especially because he was a medical professional). You would expect him to sever the relations at that point.

Also... I am not an expert on sedatives and how they work, but feeling the effect shortly after only two sips of tainted drink seems awfully strong to me. Could Graham have drunk the whole cup and still have stayed alive with a concentration like this? I doubt Khan wanted to kill the doctor for the credit cards. Besides, stealing credit cards is quite pointless -- they can easily be canceled and fraudulent charges removed.

And yes, I agree, dr. Graham comes across like a paranoid as well. Why would he immediately envision "a repeat of the horrific Oklahoma City-style bombing" when Khan points to a used truck he wants to buy? An aspiring textile businessman wants to buy a truck -- hmmm, very suspicious, I am sure!

haha no doubt

No doubt the point about the poisoning is a doozy.

Dr. Graham is given a POWERFUL!! sedative that convinces the DR. that he's been sedated...after 2 sips! Then, while in the process of zonking out from the sedative, he says to himself "what do i do? I'll treat Khan like a mean dog". I'm not sure what Graham means by this but he then says that he stood up, pointed at Kahn, and said something mundane and walked out....

And then, as yo pointed out, they all pretended it never happened. Graham picks up his investigation into Kahn and Kahn continues being a puts about the whole thing.

The funny thing about the credit card theory is that it's not Graham's. He says in his book that his friend came up with the theory that Kahn was trying to zonk him out so he could copy his credit cards. Now Graham reports this as almost fact.

It's ridiculous and I can't imagine that anyone who has read this Graham Report would push this nonsense.

At this point I doubt Dr. Graham was even sedated.

I haven't even looked into his allegations of Graham being poisoned TWO YEARS BEFORE HE DIED! I bet that's a doozy.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Did you catch...

Graham claims this in the begninning of his book The Graham Report:

"Due to sensitive security information, certain statements and photographs were redacted, blacked-out or whited-out of the book."

So, I'm assuming this word document was not handed out by the CIA or FBI. Did Dr. Graham take it upon himself to classify information he thought was top sekrit? How does he decide what to redact and what is sufficient for public consumption?

Did you catch the random story about how he had to find a small town in Texas to find a coke-head woman who was run out of Shrevport? Then like a week later he says she capped her live-in boyfriend with a shotgun.

This has nothing to do with the 9/11 Story but it's Grahams attempt to prove to us that he's been in some tough situations so that is why he was able to handle himself so well with the evil Kahn.

Just a funny story all around.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

No I didn't...

Did you catch the random story about how he had to find a small town in Texas to find a coke-head woman who was run out of Shrevport? Then like a week later he says she capped her live-in boyfriend with a shotgun.

No, I didn't. The Report has so much useless fluff, I did my best to ignore it and get to the relevant parts. The story itself begins on page 33. Gosh, this Report reads like the 9-11 Commission Report, complete with Mission Statement, psycho-analyzing Bin Laden and Al Qaida, ranting about the lack of communication btw CIA and FBI, and pages and pages of other "useful" background info. It makes you wonder, what was the original purpose of this Report in the first place.

Yes whacky indeed....

I did exactly the same thing as you. I thought of the 9/11 Commission report. The entire first part is the scribblings of Fox News understanding of 9/11...just like the 9/11 Commission.

Check this one out :()....

On 9/11 before Graham is sitting in a restaurant with friends watching the is the passage:

Dr. David Graham and lunch-time buddies Henry Knight, Jerry King, John Short, Rick Welch, Reenie Roth, Larry Sheldon, Warren Thompson, Sheldon Hewitt, Pat Patterson and Ann Ford were hugging the television in Brite Tomato Restaurant (in early 2004, new owner Dr. John Thompson renamed it Funky Monkey) a quarter mile east of Graham’s clinic. Suddenly, eyes darted right as the phone rang. Rick yelled to Reenie that Air Force One just zipped past his buddy on the outskirts of Shreveport. He figured it was heading to the safety of Barksdale Air Force Base, just over Red River and adjacent to Bossier City.

When I heard President Bush was approaching Barksdale, my first thoughts were, “My FBI and U.S. Secret Service reports about the Arabs possibly truck-bombing the Barksdale AFB flight line must have made it a safer place. After all, here comes Air Force One!”

So, unless Graham has put his names with the hijackers names....I find it a little weird that Graham instantly thinks that Bush is there in Barksdale because he saw some Arab names on a few boxes.

"Dr. Graham, we need to come onto AirForce One with us and join Mr. Bush as we track down Bin Laden sir"

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

This guy is bonkers....

From The Graham Report

After digesting the description of bin Laden’s infiltrating terrorists as listed in his discovered workbook, it was the first time I suspected the connection of 9/11 with Mohammad Jamal Khan’s Shreveport guests back in the several weeks surrounding October, 2000. Man, it could be linked!

Ok so the guy sees the list of names of the alleged hijackers. This paragraph would suggest that he didn't have the names of hijackers. If the guy has the names of 2 or 3 hijackers on a piece of paper written in 2000 and then sees them on TV listed as hijackers....why would he write:

"Man, it could be related"

Could be? You got the names written, they allegedly match. If you truely had the names before 9/11 and before you saw this list...then there is no COULD BE.

And then this doozy...

From The Graham Report
After reporting to the Hotline, I sensed in my spirit an unpleasant, building distain for Muslims. Uncontrollable. My entanglement with the suspicious middle-Easterners, in particular, was seeding this resentment. Keep an open mind? Next to impossible.

I wonder if Sander Hicks read this thing? Wtf?

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Sander I got your back

Sander I got your back anytime you need it.

You should offer...

Some help fixing Sander's website. THe images are all broken everywhere.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I am not a tech person. I do

I am not a tech person. I do offer my help with any sort of interview or confrontation or something of the like.

I understand...

Maybe just relay the message to him. Also tell him that I get a "Access Forbidden" every third or fourth time I click a link on his site.

Greenback, what do you say about this Dr. Graham narrative? I'm surprised Sander is running with this story. The graham report is WHACKY.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

This is too much you guys...

Has anyone read this Graham Report besides myself, Dr. Graham and Smoothie?

This stuff is just too much....

Here are the main red-flags that Dr. Graham wants you to know about....and remember that there were only 3 meetings between Graham and Kahn, and that all this occurred 10 months before 911....

Dr. Graham's Red Flags

1. Dr. Graham 'heard Kahn was a weird feller' and decided to ask him to invest in some sort of vitamin business. When Graham called Kahn for the first time...Graham started getting that 'is this guy might be a terrorist feeling' right from the git-go. Apparently Mr. Kahn said he would rather meet at his own home rather then at a public restaurant or the meeting was set for Mr. Kahn's home.


2. Weird Names On Boxes were confirmed located IN KAHN'S HOME!

Anyone reading should remember that the names that Graham wrote down are allegedly names of the alleged 911 Hijackers. But, this all occurred 10 months before seeing names on a box is not that weird is it? What seems to be weird to Graham is that the names were foreign....even MUSLIM SOUNDING! What is a Muslim looking man doing with Muslim sounding names on brown boxes?

God Save Us From This Evil Kahn Man

3. Albino Wants To Buy A Cargo Truck - Dr. Graham is with Kahan at some point during their short relationship and Kahn points out a used white cargo type truck. Well, this is all Graham needs. According to Graham, Kahn is planning to attack Barksdale AFB.

Do I have to remind you all what a Muslim Man can do with a WHITE CARGO VAN?

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

More weirdness...

After 9/11 the FBI sent agent Spoon to see Dr. Graham. Graham reports it like this:

From The Graham Report

"Though Agent Ray Spoon had Graham’s handwritten notes in hand, he continued to do a thorough job of testing Graham’s memory. Graham had good recall on the general story from months earlier, but had no immediate recall of the exact names of the three middle-Easterners living at Jamal’s townhouse.

So is Graham saying that he gave his notes to Agent Ray Spoon but the names he wrote down on his hand were not included in his notes? The names are one of the staples of Dr. Grahams narrative! He doesn't provide the names written down?

It's beginning to look like Dr. Graham didn't come up with the weird names until after 9/11 and after he saw the terrorist list all over tv.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Eric Gill's story

It's definitely an odd account. Khan's behavior could be explainable if his job was to attract attention and lay evidence trails. Why Graham? Possible because of his radio show. I must agree with the skepticism expressed in this thread. Graham's story doesn't add up.

Trento wrote about another al-Hazmi sighting by security checkpoint worker Eric Gill at Dulles on 9/10/01. That is quite a risk for an al Qaeda operative to impersonate a Dulles employee AFTER BEING PLACED ON AN FBI WATCHLIST! Admittedly it is difficult to know for sure if Gill's story is true. If true, it sure doesn't indicate a fanatical Islamic hijacker who is focused on carrying out his mission. Like Moussaoui, al-Hazmi was risking the entire operation with his odd behavior.

We are also told the hijackers used their real names. This is absurd considering al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar attended the 01/00 Malaysian summit. However, If they were GID that would explain the bizarre watchlist failures and their complete disregard for caution. I can imagine a scenario where they were murdered on 9/11 and then added to the Flight 77 passenger manifest. Why? Because if they were GID they had no intention of getting on the plane. It made for a a great cover story as these two supposed al Qaeda operatives were the key link to establish Bin Laden/al Qaeda involvement in 9/11.

According to Dr. Graham

Initially I am thinking Dr. Graham is off his rocker and made up the story about writing the names on his hand. But later he is saying he has delivered the names to the FBI we'll have to confirm this.

Yea, I'm sure the hijackers names are pasted in big black letters....real names and all....probably a sign that said: "FROM: BIN LADEN" too?

Here you go...



On a sidebar subject, it had been months since I began resenting everything associated with Islam, unquestionably due to my encounter with the alleged terrorists at Jamal’s residence on or about 7 Oct 2000. I had grown tired of my resentment, which was close to being hatred, that can only destroy an individual over time. Besides, I knew from my Christian upbringing that we should love all people. Long ago, Dad and Mom had taught me to love other Christians, the Jewish people, and those we had never met from other faiths around the world. Even so, at first, my soul was embattled with the dichotomy of hate and love. I desperately needed a Run To Jesus.

It was time for a change ~ a radical internal change for David Malcolm Graham. Some call it soul-searching. So, bedside in my Ockley Street residence, I fell to my knees to seek forgiveness for my unchristian recentment of Islam. Not only did I desire a renewed attitude toward Muslims, I knew, according to the teachings of Jesus, Christians are commanded to love and pray for enemies regardless of where they live, regardless of what they believe, and regardless if some of them may hate and/or kill.

Somehow my ill-founded situation with Muslims was the antithesis of sharing my dental talents around the world: Numerous trips with the Mexican-Indian Training Center in Cordoba, Mexico for Pacific coastal Chinintacho Indians and isolated mountainous villages like Ucella to the east; and my Vietnamese hamlets, refugee camps, and Leprosarium. How I enjoyed those days. Desperate call for a rally.

So I mended fences with a renewed love for all peoples. The Lord forgave my wayward thoughts and transformed me in a dramatic way. It was with grateful heart that all animosity for Muslims was removed and, thankfully, today it is replaced with forgiveness, love, and prayer. When Satan attempts to reclaim his territory by rekindling old animosities, I simply think of the little Chestnut horse and Run to Jesus.

And later on page 108/08...

SECOND SIDEBAR: During this same timeline, I received an evening call at the dental clinic, with the cheery voice (in broken English) announcing a new dental magazine. She wanted to ask some of those annoying survey questions. Obviously being on my best behavior, I complied.

A few quick questions. Yes, I am a solo practitioner. Yes, I’ve been in practice for over 20 years. Color of my eyes? What’s that got to do with dentistry? Clunk. Miss Broken English was instantly gone with no good-byes. Hmmm.

Could someone be compiling a composite picture of yours truly? On the other hand, could someone be wanting me to “think” such a composite was being constructed, perhaps to give me something else to worry about? We’ll never know. Who knows, perhaps someone needed statistics to create the average “generic dentist” for a video game. Yeah, fat chance.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Well said...

Khan's behavior could be explainable if his job was to attract attention and lay evidence trails.

Well said... Looks like not only was Jamal Khan a fumbling idiot (if we believe the Report), but also whoever hired him. Want to organize some terror activity and stay under the radar? Sure -- just get an ALBINO ARAB who likes to wear a BLACK EYELINER... Way to go, 007! This stuff belongs to Austin Powers movies...