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Part One: Thought Control on the Internet

Who's Really Behind "Violent Radicalization?"

The irony of all this is that those who would fit this definition most clearly, "facilitating violent radicalization," are the architects of the Iraq war and those in Congress who provide ongoing support through funding.

Here are the inevitable, empirically verified steps to radicalize individuals and groups. Initiate trade sanctions against a nation resulting in the death of 300,000 or more children. Then attack that nation because it has weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which are never found, thus negating the rationale for war. Create and implement a policy that shows disregard to for the safety of its people and their national treasures. Torture and humiliate citizens. And all the while, prolong the conflict even though the war is responsible for the death of over 1.1 million civilians.

Aren't these the type of actions that would surely "facilitate violent radicalization?" Even with all this, there has been no documented "homegrown terrorism" as a result of political posts on the Internet. However, there can be little doubt that this administration's war on Iraq is the proximate cause explaining whatever potential exists. (Full article.)

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Part 2 - Internet Thought Control Bill Under Fire

"...Now we're told, "Trust us." We're supposed to trust despite heavy self censorship by the corporate news media since 911. We're supposed to trust despite the rapidly expanding "legal" options for spying and surveillance by federal law enforcement. We're supposed to trust despite the smear tactics used against administration opponents...

This bill is an equal opportunity enabler of thought control and limitations on free speech. The key witness supporting the entire concept chose to mention those who doubt the veracity of official explanations for 911 and those who adamantly oppose the government's immigration and border policies. These two groups mentioned in slides presented by the witness, slides which just happened to be among others mentioning "pro Iraqi sympathizers. The guilt by association was no accident..." (Full article.)



This material is designed to help you contact your Senators just as soon as possible. The bill passed 404 to 6 in the House but there are already signs that the Senate is getting nervous.

Groups from left to right see the bill as a thread to their free speech – from anti war groups to anti immigration groups; from 911 Truth groups to anti tax groups. There is agreement that this bill, now in the Senate, is a menace to free political expression.

Please both write and call your two U.S. Senators. Your contact will be most effective if it's brief and to the point. Since we're already branded as "hot heads" for opposing this bill, we need to be courteous as well as direct.

This link provides you with the name, address, phone, and web mail contact for every U.S. Senator. At the top, you can just put in their name and go directly to their information.

This is an alternate form if you prefer to use it. It has fax #'s as well:

Please contact your two Senators and as many Committee members listed below.


Here is an example of a letter/email that you can modify or use. These are also good talking points for calls. There is more material below for longer letters, plus the articles attached.

Dear Senator ____________:

The Senate is considering S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This is before the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

I'm writing to urge you to voice your opposition to this bill. Instead of catching "bad guys," it sets forth a vague but broad standard for "intent" and "facilitating" radicalization that will chill the free speech of groups from a broad political spectrum - anti immigration to anti war. The proof of this is testimony before the House subcommittee in which anti immigration and 911 activist groups were named along with "pro Iraq insurgency" organizations. This is the direction this bill takes us.
The "bad guys" will continue to use the internet regardless of the laws in place and good; law abiding people trying to help their country will be intimidated and denied their First Amendment rights.

Please stop this legislation. There are plenty of laws on the book to go after terrorists but too few to protect citizen rights.


The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is not considering H.R. 1955. In the Senate the name of the Bill is: S. 1959. Contact with these Senators will be very effective. The Committee members are:

Democrats: Joseph I. Lieberman, Chairman (ID) (CT), Carl Levin (MI),Daniel K. Akaka (HI), Thomas R. Carper (DE), Mark L. Pryor (AR), Mary L. Landrieu (LA), Barack Obama (IL), Claire McCaskill (MO), Jon Tester (MT)

Republicans: Susan M. Collins, Ranking Member (ME), Ted Stevens (AK), George V. Voinovich, (OH), Norm Coleman (MN), Tom Coburn (OK), Pete V. Domenici (NM), John Warner (VA), John E. Sununu (NH)

Here are some points from the articles included if you want to get more involved.

The House of Representatives passed the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" called H.R. 1955. This bill creates a broad standard for labeling internet activists as "facilitating violent radicalization" through their strong advocacy. It's an attack on the First Amendment and our traditions of free speech.

The articles attached outline in detail the problems with this bill. While it is supposed to stop "violent radicalization" of terrorists on the Internet, the real outcomes are these:

1) The bill will intimidate law abiding citizens from posting strongly held opinions in opposition to the administration and Congress for fear of being charged with "facilitating violent radicalization." In House testimony on the bill, 911 Truth and anti immigration groups were mentioned among known "pro Iraq insurgency" groups. The goal is clear. Shut down domestic opposition to those in power.

2) The bill provides an easy opportunity to smear political opponents. The House testimony is already proof of this. There was no reason to mention the 911 and anti immigration groups. Calling people before Congressional committees offers a perfect opportunity to revive the smear tactics of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

3) The bill creates an unelected "Commission" and university centers who will actually tell Congress who the dangers are. There is no public input or control, just risk.

4) The bill is outside the spirit of the First Amendment and the use of vigorous political debate, the basis for our democracy.


Michael Collins: Thought Control on the Internet

Part II - Internet Thought Control Bill Under Fire

H.R. 1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

S. 1959 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

Ron Paul on Internet censorship bill S. 1959 (H.R. 1955)

Dennis Kucinich on Internet censorship bill S. 1959 (H.R. 1955)

MP3 Audio Clips - HR1955

Friday November 30, 2007
Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi Talks to Randi Rhodes on Air America About HR1955

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Thursday December 6, 2007
KPFA's Flashpoints Discusses HR1955 With Center for Constitutional Rights Spokesman

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just talked to Collin's office

staffer said Congress is pretty much done for the year, this bill does not have any hearings scheduled yet, she said it was "inactive", meaning it's with the committee and nothing will happen until they decide to do something, which won't be before they return to work, usually around the 2nd or 3rd week of January.

If you live in one of these senator's states, please call and/or visit one of their state offices while they're on recess

The National Lawyers Guild, ACLU, Center for Constitutional Rights and the Society of American Law Teachers have all gone on record opposing the bill's current language- except for the ACLU they all pretty much oppose the bill, period

This bill also negates the applicability of FACA, which will limit public disclosure/oversight of the groups (like SWC) giving advice to the proposed Commission, and of what the govt does with the advice

National Lawyers Guild

Center for Constitutional Rights

American Civil Liberties Union

Here Come the Thought Police by Ralph E. Shaffer and R. William Robinson, published by The Baltimore Sun,0,238...

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