The Video Liberation Movement

A great 45 minute video analyzing the role the media plays in covering up important information such as the events of 9/11, very educational for the CNN junkies out we all have to deal with.

A look at the growth of independent political video as a response to corporate control of mainstream media news.


Some graphic footage...

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Excellent video

Next battle will be fought not with pens ans swords but the internet.

I just wish we could get our

I just wish we could get our English right: "media" is plural. Television is a medium, and newspapers are a medium. Though bad English only upsets a tiny number of people, good English upsets nobody. I recall that though the book "9/11 Myths", published by Popular Mechanics is a disgrace, they do take care with their English!

RFK: People who think Saddam "bombed" the WTC

Check it out, he says it twice at these minute marks:
54:35 and 55:30
Was this slip up intentional or not? You may want to back up a bit more to understand the context of what he is saying here. Great video overall, with Greg Palast.