We Are Change UK: Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen was questioned about his comments on his article titled 'The Turner judges have been hoodwinked' where he compared Holocaust deniers to those who question the official events of 9/11.

This guy is a total ass!

And he needs mail.....lololol. You know what to do.

Wow, that Cohen is one of the most disgusting barefaced liars

I've ever seen. Great work in not giving in to any temptations to bitch-slap him.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321


ignorance got a name... Nick Cohen.

NIck Cohen graduate from the Noam Chomsky school of sophistry.

Nick Cohen == Nasty, Evil, Disingenuous, Gate Keeper, Shill, Deceptive, Duplicitous, Sophist, inveigler, Deceiver, Propagandist ..... running out of adjectives but you get the picture.

Nick Cohen is a graduate and one time student no doubt of Chomsky and his school of linguistic gymnastics & logic. These techniques are employed widely by the liberal gate keeping crowd (including those worshipped by the Bay Area babes who I entangled with on this forum recently).

Well done to We Are Change UK!

Your actions are not going unnoticed, especially when you confront "intellectuals" like Nick Cohen.

This really exposes so called Intellectuals (be they liberal or otherwise) for the asses that they are.

A quick education into bizarre non-sequitur sophistry, and illogical verbal reasoning skills employed by Cohen, Chomsky et al. can be gained by reading the following discourse by Barrie Zwicker:


And if Nick Cohen ever reads this comment I'd like to say
"Up the workers comrade! When is the next bus to Wigan Pier? Keep that Aspidistra Flying old chap".

Discussion is good

Discussion is good, and you kept Mr. Cohen engaged for longer than he wanted. Great job folks, thanks for the calm, steady questioning. This is the way to to do this.