Kill the Messenger....Sibel Edmonds

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets.

Howdy Truthers

"The cost of freedom is truth. Never shy away from your last breath."

That's what I just put as my signature. I've finally got the ability to post here! Woohoo!

So, my hero, Sibel, is the perfect example of an American patriot!

Now I'm wondering if anyone here isn't currently and actively trying to spread the news in their own immediate circles. Maybe we should start a thread about that.

My own experience with that has been disappointing sometimes and, at other times, been very rewarding.

So, to the yungins, have you lost any friends? Don't worry, it's all about time.

Good news

..... but we have it in english?

basically it's her claims

basically it's her claims she made recently, and they are denied.