The 41-story Deutsche Bank Demolition - mysteries, images, links

What can be learned from the demolition of the 41-story building (The Bankers Trust or the Deutsche Bank Building) adjacent to the WTC towers?

Perhaps this how B7 would have been taken down, had it not been demolished on 9/11/01.

Questions about this demolition remain. Why are there now lawsuits? Why was there a fire during the work? What is the mystery about the company selected to be involved in the demolition, which now no longer exists? Or are these events just 'all in a day's work' in New York City with it's corruption and scandals? What was the full extent of the body parts discovered there?

Here are a few parapgraphs from one story:

"The John Galt Corporation of the Bronx, hired last year for the dangerous and complex job of demolishing the former Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street, where two firefighters died last Saturday, has apparently never done any work like it. Indeed, Galt does not seem to have done much of anything since it was incorporated in 1983. Public and private records give no indication of how many employees it has, what its volume of business is or who its clients are. There are almost no accounts of any projects it has undertaken on any scale, apart from 130 Liberty Street. Court records are largely silent. Some leading construction executives in the city say they have never even heard of it."

Wonderful. So either this company was a creation to protect contractors' liability or it's something else.

Here's another:

"The 41-story building has stood beside ground zero as an ugly reminder of the Sept. 11 attack and the slow progress of rebuilding Lower Manhattan. The complex project, perhaps the most closely scrutinized undertaking of its kind, involved removing asbestos and other potentially toxic materials from the tower and tearing it down floor by floor. The deconstruction work had torn down the building to its 26th floor when the fire halted the project."

From 9-11 Research:

"About a year after the official program to identify victims had ended, more human remains turned up on top of the Deutsche Bank Building, which stands about 400 feet to the south of the location of the former South Tower. 7"
life jackets and portions of seats were found on the roof of the Bankers Trust building
Building 7 was farther from the Towers than Bankers Trust Building.

Nonetheless, the Deutsche Bank Demolition appears to be the story of what might have been for B7, if things had been different. Perhaps there is something to be learned from it.

Is there anything we can learn from observing how this demolition was done?

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Well, one thing can be learned that argues for a motive...

in the theory that the buildings were demolished on 9/11 with explosives, incendiaries, or whatever.

It would have taken years and many billions to dismantle the Towers mechanically, during which Lower Manhattan and probably New York as a whole would have been in a depression except for the high-paying deconstruction jobs in the hazard zone (if anyone was willing to do those).

Every day in this process, with the blackened stumps of the Towers seen by millions, the city's people would have known mourning and dread. They would be asking more questions about 9/11. Protests that arose demanding truth might have been a hundredfold of what we've seen. But the city itself would have been turned into a giant version of the Republican Checkpoints Zone in 2004. The rage of the true believers would have also been ten-fold. Millions would be clamoring actively for nuclear strikes on the Axis of Evil. Civil war conditions are hardly inconceivable.

It's easy to imagine hundreds of thousands of people would have left the city. It's impossible to imagine that many large corporations would not have relocated, possibly including the media corps and the stock exchange. Certainly the local real estate prices would not have seen the awesome (additional) bubble action of the last few years, and NYC partly drives the nation in that regard.

Alternatively a CD would have been conducted -- it's hard to imagine how the parts above the crash zones could have ever been dismantled safely. This would have involved the evacuation of a large part of the city for weeks or months. These effects might all be reasonably predicted in advance as the result of an attack that had left the Towers standing.

But a plane crashing into the Capitol (leaving the Congress as a unanimous hand-raising society at RFK Stadium or some convention center) might have produced many similar effects on a national scale. And that appears to have been the plan on 9/11 as well, unless you think a Flight 93 downing was incorporated into the original plan.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

You made some great points to explain why they absolutely needed

to perform controlled demolition of the WTC on 9/11/01.

Let me just add that there may have been lots of physical evidence in & on that The 41-story Deutsche Bank building as well, so that's why it was treated so mysteriously.

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