When Discussions cross into "Conspiracy Theory" and becomes "Forbidden" to Exile the Inquisitor

Anyone involved in exposing the 911 false flag event and cover-up has most likely heard, and even been the recipient of, the term "conspiracy theory" and derivations of it. The term has spread over the years from the JFK era to today that has been used to label or stereotype individuals in a negative manner. Its connotation is continually hammered away as a negative "scarlet letter" and repeated by the media by anyone who may fall unscrupulously privy to it.

The link to the article examines the term "conspiracy theory" as being a label for forbidden thought. It looks at what seems as an unwritten line in a debate that when crossed there is a uneasy realm that logical discourse and free thought now become uncomfortable, stagnant area, where logic does not exist, facts are not analyzed, and a balance of evidence in either direction of a debate is irrelevant.

When this line is crossed, any opposition quickly seeks to retreat to familiar area by using Occam's Razor as the improbability of the thought as too complex, that an implicit trust in who could be implicated supersedes any logic, straw man arguments pervade, other logical fallacies are grasped at until the uncomfortable conspiracy zone discussion is abandoned.

These lines of dialog are forbidden to even think about it or discuss it. The penalty is to be ostracized from the community.


Knowing how this label is used as a propaganda tool to prevent debate and thoughtful discussion is key to dismantling the power of the stereotyping and dismissive nature of the term "conspiracy theory" has over the public.

There is no harm in asking questions, but it's harmful not to. (I am not), but from a newcomers perspective to the questions raised by the 911 Truth Movement, then the implications are profound for all of us, especially those who are unaware of what and why it happened, and especially profound if they do not care. But I sense most people do care what happens once they get past the conditioned responses to profound implicating information and facts, those events before, during and after 9/11 that according to the blogger George Washington "the White House did nothing to stop 9/11, tried to hide warnings they'd received, falsely linked Saddam to 9/11, and ran fake terror alerts to whip up fear".

As the brave Bob McIlvaine has said "this is what governments do", and I'll add, when "the people allow it". Let's remember Bobby and the other victims of 9/11, and stop allowing government from doing it anymore. Their memories are always with us. 9/11 could have been any one of us (by chance or pure luck we were not there), it happened to be them, next time it may be us, given how little regard for life the perpetrators have, e.g. the sick and dying 1st responders.

Ask Questions, Demand Answers, Accountability, a Transparent Government of moral conscious that never again will be able to contemplate another New Pearl Harbor or another 9/11.

"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society"

JFK vowed to disband the CIA, reform the Federal Reserve, cancel the planned Vietnam and Cuban/S. American wars, etc. All of these were strikes against essentially the same ruling elite.

(reforming the scum's words) Let us not tolerate secret societies.