Northeast Pennsylvania WeAreChange confronts President Bill Clinton

Northeast Pennsylvania WeAreChange (Pocono911truth) along with members from NYC WeAreChange went to go pay former president Bill Clinton at a rally he held for his wife in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We held up 9/11 signs and a Bilderberg signs he saw the signs and acknowledged them however never addressed us. Enjoy!


Great to see NEPA - especially representing in my hometown area!

Keep up the awesome work!!!

Mark in Philly

Who's voting this down?

Why don't you also show the courage to ID yourself and explain why?

How about getting Bill to sign a David Griffin's book on live ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

so Bill Clinton did not take up on "911 investigate" or on the bilderberg group issue.

Seeing people waving books aroung for him to sign the idea came to me why not get him to sign a good book like Professor David Ray Griffin's "9/11 CONTRADICTIONS". It would be interesting to have his reaction when he sees the cover on the internet tv when he sees the cover.

If he has not read it we can ask David Griffon to send one to him. .