U.S. and Allied Intelligence Services Had Penetrated The Very HIGHEST LEVELS of Al Qaeda Prior to 9/11


No one could have anticipated 9/11, right? While the U.S. knew about Al Qaeda, the 9/11 plotters and hijackers were still somewhat unknown and unpredictable prior to 9/11. Right?

In fact, U.S. and allied intelligence services had penetrated the highest levels of Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. For example:

In addition, U.S. and allied intelligence services followed the hijacker's every move:

Moreover, the U.S. intercepted many high-level Al Qaeda phone calls:

Moreover, the financiers for Al Qaeda were not mysterious and unknown before 9/11:

Other facts point towards penetration of the highest levels of Al Qaeda:

Whatever you might think about 9/11, it is beyond dispute that U.S. and allied intelligence services had penetrated "the highest levels" of Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. Al Qaeda and the 9/11 plotters and hijackers were thoroughly known, monitored, tracked and infiltrated before 9/11.

If a domestic gang were this highly infiltrated and closely monitored by the FBI, and yet the FBI allowed the gang to commit a major crime, it would be obvious that the FBI allowed the crime to be committed. Right? Why is 9/11 any different? Indeed, Al Qaeda was arguably more higly infiltrated and monitored than any domestic gang.

Moreover, something very similar happened in 1993, when a government informant offered to stop the 1993 bombing of the world trade center by substituting fake power for real bombmaking materials, but the FBI allowed the bombing to happen anyway (summary version is free; full version is pay-per-view) (see also this news report). It was supposedly Al Qaeda which carried out that attack also.

Al-Who ?

So, the CIA managed to infiltrate "the highest levels" of their computer-database over "friendly mujahedin assets" ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


How hard can it be to infiltrate the pats... er, 'terrorists' you created.

yeah, what a script

al quaida, al schmaida...nice cover for what was really going down.
the evil muslim myth again. all to support murder, greed, empire, reshaping of the middle east by treasonous psychopathic criminals posing as patriots who have infiltrated our country's pentagon, government, media, military technologies....bla bla

Good job...


Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Terrific review of the material...

Really a concise and persuasive summary of the essential data on the topic, George Washington. Thank you for this compelling educational tool...

Joe Trento reported

that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar were Saudi intelligence agents. I followed up with him because it's such a stunning claim. I wasn't sure if it was just an offhand comment by a CIA agent trying to spin for the CIA. Trento replied that he based the GID association on multiple sourcing. Best I can tell Trento thinks they were double agents actually loyal to al Qaeda.

This sure would change the significance of the January 5-8, 2000 meeting in Malaysia (10 months before the Cole attack and about 21 months before 9/11). We are told these two men were in a group of four initially chosen for 9/11 (the other two evidently were unable to get US visas).

All the above and....

...the FBI can't even pretend that they have hard evidence linking Bin Laden to 9/11?.....

I don't get it.

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