April notes to my friends, from Steven Jones

I appreciate 911blogger and the opportunity to share some recent events and thoughts with all of you. I'm just going to talk freely to you my many friends in this community...

1. Recently had a technical paper accepted for publication following peer-review (three reviewers!), in a mainstream journal. Hopefully it will be out soon. Please read the entire paper when it comes out -- not just the title! You will see a little humor coming through (I hope you'll see it), but the overall thrust is very serious: countering popular myths about the destruction of WTC 7 and the Towers -- and pointing out areas where we the authors find agreement with NIST (and FEMA). Yes, we agree with NIST that the Towers fell at nearly free-fall speed, for example -- and that the WTC fires were NOT hot enough to melt structural steel. Don't you? The paper should come out about the same time as Truth Week, and hopefully add to the momentum of that week (beginning April 16th).

2. I would like to build on those areas of agreement and proceed to a discussion with serious engineers and scientists at NIST. Clearly, there are some "white hats" there, as we read their reports, and if we can reach and convince THEM, we have a chance to bring the facts out into the mainstream more quickly. I would appreciate your support in this effort -- again, when the paper comes out and you have a chance to read it. (I expect some opposition, of course... but hope you will at least understand this approach I'm taking.) We may have a petition to submit to NIST to actually LOOK for thermite / explosive residues...

3. Days after the paper was accepted, I heard once more from the "engineer with government contacts" whom I've referred to before in talks (the one who said, in essence, my career was threatened unless I "pulled" my first 9/11 paper, days after it appeared on-line). Haven't heard from this guy for about ten months, but here he is again just as we have a paper accepted for mainstream publication. An example of what he wrote this time: "you may never be able to accept that what I have said is the truth, because accepting this means that you have made many serious technical errors. However, you will have to accept this someday."

"Have to"? Forced? I replied with questions (which he has not answered yet): "What do you mean? Will I be forced to recant my experimental data and analyses?"
What do you think he is referring to, some gov't program such as a "special camp" for those who question the 9/11 story? (j/k, I hope...)

4. He, of course, maintains the official story in his latest email, while admitting in the same email, "It is possible that the[official] investigation has withheld information..."
True that. Stay tuned.

5. Ominous threats about an attack on Iran by the Bush/Cheney administration. E.g.,
"In his confrontational remarks about Iran, [Bush] offers no carrot, no inducement, no compromise -- only the big U.S. stick," it said. "This is not diplomacy in search of peace. It is madness in search of war." – Saudi Arabian Newspaper, quoted LA Times 19Jan2008
I think we can expect an attack on Iran, perhaps preceded by a false-flag event, sometime this year and probably in the next few months.

6. I've been talking for many months about the importance of getting some food and water stored up, for three months at least! Better for longer, like a year. I've been asked -- where do you get cans of wheat, oats, rice, beans, etc?
An easy and I think cost-effective way to do this (based on research by my daughter Danelle), is to go to this link:

**************Order page from distribution center to have them send you boxes of already-canned food storage

For example,
2 boxes (12 #10 cans) pinto beans (5.2 lbs per can =
62.4 lbs.)
9 boxes (54 #10 cans) wheat (5.8 lbs per can = 313.2
Total price delivered anywhere in the
U.S.: $248.60 as of 22 March 2008--plus tax in many
states. Delivered in 2-3 weeks

If you can find it cheaper (including delivery), pls let me know. In Utah, we can buy canned wheat, oats, beans etc. at some grocery stores, but I understand this is not common elsewhere. In any case, the prices above are competitive or better than the local stores anyway.

7. You should have some benefit for waking up to what is going on -- get that food storage NOW while you're thinking about it. Still not too expensive, food prices will probably rise later this year.

8. And please think of a "place of refuge" or two where you and family might go, should a nasty "event" take place in your city or near you. PRE-planning and preparation are much better than 20-20 hind-sight. We can get through this, together...

See you in camp! (j/k, I hope.)

Dr. Jones,

congratulations on getting your paper accepted for publication!!!

Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading the paper. Does it contain new information not already in the "Extremely high temperatures..." paper? Information on the red chips perhaps?


Dr. Jones.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Thank you

Dr. Jones you inspire me and give me hope. Your continued work fuels that hope for so many, I for one am grateful that you have chosen the path of truth. Thank you so much.

I hope we don't meet in the *camp*, but if we do, I would be honored to be there with you.

I also agree that we must all prepare for our own survival in the event of another false flag. We talk about it all the time, but who here has actually done anything about it?

Thanks, GW, Cheri

And you're so right, Cheri -- something I'm trying to emphasize -- it TIME to get PREpared, now. There is a time at dusk when work can still be done, and preparations made for the night which may be long. It is dusk, that is my sense and that of many friends. Fortunately, many are waking up to the need to get some foods, water, warm clothing, medications, etc... and a place to go to if you have to get out...

I Think You're Right Steve

I don't think the government would be making preparations to cope with civil unrest unless they were expecting it to happen.

(Extreme surveillance efforts, allowing foreign troops to enter the U.S. to assist in crisis management, reported internment facilities, etc.)

Probably the result of a manufactured economic collapse (to create energy demand destruction) and/or a false-flag event.

Who knows.

But better safe than sorry.

Camp doesn't sound SO bad...

Maybe there will be singing, or arts and crafts. And we can earn our weeblos or whatever it's called.

Off the topic, but is there

Off the topic, but is there any new word on when the NIST WTC7 report is due out -- and how many more years will it really take?

The B7 report is due in

The B7 report is due in August of 2008.


The B7 report is due in August of 2008.

Which could well be AFTER the next 9/11 (inside) attack which could push the entire 9/11 issue into the camps.

Thank you once again for relating your thoughts ...

Like you implied the threat of another false flag is still high, with Cheney going to the middle east in Saudi Arabia, and the next day they start emergency plans for some catastrophic event is telling in itself. Then today an article in Israel: Israel orders bio/chemical warfare masks redistributed, Damascus raises war alarm:

The missing nuke from the Minot/Barksdale fiasco is yet troubling. Knowing all along the citizens would become enraged if the US engages in another invasion of a country that is of no threat to the US, leaves the concept of another false flag, indeed, very real.

The other component that is disturbing is that I fear Bush would claim; a national emergency, martial law, and cancel the elections. Whereby utilizing all the executive orders that he has put in place since taking office. Many dots to connect, but that is all we have to make sense of this matrix.

Thank you, your wife, and children ... for being who you are, a foundation of truth and hope for all Americans to stand up for the principles for which this country was found.

Smart and Final...

... is a slightly creepy name, in this context, but it's a non-membership bulk grocery outlet in about five west coast states.
Smart and Final resource page

I used to shop there a few times a week when I owned a restaurant -- lots of dried legumes in 25# bags, canned stuff, pasta, spices and so forth. It's also called United Grocers Cash and Carry (the companies merged some time back). Also, inexpensive tabletop butane stoves (a good short term strategy), storage containers, etc.

Prof. Jones, you are a Great American!

Hannity does not own that phrase.

That's great news! Glad to

That's great news! Glad to hear it. I'm working on the newsletter so that will be a good way to alert the entire membership to the new paper, and hopefully I can get it done at about the same time.

It's interesting that that guy is coming around again -- it seems strategic, clearly, at key times. It's the right idea to post here about it. The more it's out there, the better.

Lately I've been sidelined with fighting a planned pesticide spray program here that's being enforced by the Feds on the most liberal areas of the state. They've created a fake "emergency" around a foreign moth they now say must be eradicated. They (The EPA, the USDA and the Calif Dept of Ag) are doing aerial spraying with planes (from the DC based and CIA connected "Dynamic Aviation") of a mixture of synthetic moth pheromones and toxic/carcinogenic inerts. Already over 600 people in Monterey and Santa Cruz, where they sprayed, have filed adverse medical reports -- breathing problems,flu symptoms, asthma attacks, etc. -- but the officials are calling them "conspiracy theorists" and saying they're putting out mis- and disinformation! It's amazing to see that being used here.

I've been working on the wikipedia page about the whole thing -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_brown_apple_moth_controversy

All of the local state officials -- city councils, mayors, etc. -- are in support of the people, and are going to court to stop it, but the Feds apparently can overrride them. A 1-year old child almost died after his first ever asthma attack. Others were hospitalized. So it's a battle to keep them from doing it again, and a real distraction from doing other work.

They are now doing a nationwide survey to see if they can find the moth in other states, so this may come to affect others also.


"1. Recently had a technical paper accepted for publication following peer-review (three reviewers!), in a mainstream journal. Hopefully it will be out soon. Please read the entire paper when it comes out -- not just the title! You will see a little humor coming through (I hope you'll see it), but the overall thrust is very serious: countering popular myths about the destruction of WTC 7 and the Towers -- and pointing out areas where we the authors find agreement with NIST (and FEMA). Yes, we agree with NIST that the Towers fell at nearly free-fall speed, for example -- and that the WTC fires were NOT hot enough to melt structural steel. Don't you? The paper should come out about the same time as Truth Week, and hopefully add to the momentum of that week (beginning April 16th)."

It seems to me if people were actually aware of what the NIST report claimed and what the facts showed... we would be on our way to getting 9/11 truth.

Great work Dr. Jones.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Thanks Again Dr Jones

Look forward to reading your paper.
Because of your efforts and many others it is starting to dawn on many Americans that something is terribly wrong with official 9/11myth.

Thank you Professor Jones

Thank you for all your great work. Do not worry about those FEMA camps as long as you are using the democratic system your founding fathers built. By you continually working, out in the open, transparently, while they work in secret and despise criticism, you are showing that it is truly you, and our side, 9/11 truth that is what makes America the great country that it is, and it is they who are the aberration of American society and its democratic values. Expose this one before the next one happens.

Professor Jones, have you heard of the idea for a 9/11 PAC or political action committee? Like moveon.org, 9/11 Truth can have a fund with which to put ads on the air exposing the truth about 9/11. I think it is a great idea and a long time coming.

Chain of Custody then LOOK for thermite / explosive residues...

First: Bravo for the accepeted article, and all your work, struggle, and sacrifice. You have shed light on the Truth, and that in itself is the great reward. Thanks too for your message of friendship.

About your suggestion to NIST regarding residues. Does NIST still have UNCONTESTED samples of debris from ground zero? Naturally, this is a critical issue.

How would WE know that their samples have not been tampered with? Do you think that 911 dust can still be found in situ?

On a more personal level:

Contact me any time. If you don't like the idea of The Camp, or if ever you need a "holiday" away from the "engineer with government contacts", please know that you and your famly are always welcome to stay with us here in France. As a brave Soldier of Truth, our home is your home.

Thanks Professor, your

Thanks Professor, your efforts are much appreciated!!

Deepest thanks, Professor

Deepest thanks, Professor Jones. Humanity will prevail.

"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

"Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us?"

"We who have the final word can speak softly or angrily. We can seek to challenge and annoy, as we need not stay docile and quiet."

- Justice William O. Douglas

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Rejoice, we Triumph!!

Well, not yet but we are still making progress. Hopefully this will give us some mainstreem credibility. It will also deprive the debunkers of about 90% of their arguments against the Truthers, "Why don't submit your ideas for peer review in a mainstream technical journal?"

Congragualtions, Professor Jones.

I had a dream

The night before this message arrived from Dr. Jones, I had a dream from which I awoke with my
heart racing. It was so realistic, I will not forget it. I dreamed that I was laying in bed and I woke up
in the morning like usual and turned on the news. It was the Today show and Ann Curry was in the
studio talking about the image we saw them playing. The images were a simulation of the the WTC
buildings being brought down by controlled demolition. The images were like those we've seen in
the documentaries in which explosives were strapped at an angle on the beams. Ann's concerned
and serious tone continued as she explained that the Today show wanted to address some people's
theory that if in fact CD was done on the WTC buidings, which the recent development of evidence
showed, that it must have been done by foreign terrorists, that there was still no reason to believe
it was an inside job. The Today Show's investigation found that foreign terrorists---if they were
involved, HAD to have been helped. Therefore, no matter if foreigners were involved, they were
not alone, there were other inside sources involved.

I awoke breathless with disbelief---that this was finally on the mainstream news!! It was being
looked at!! I awoke trying to call my boyfriend into the room to see what I was seeing but I was
so breathless, i couldn't get the words out.

So last night, I see this great news from Dr. Jones. I hope this mainstream journal leads to more
influential people looking into this more seriously and with an urgency to come to the facts.

I don't know. I just need some hope. We all do. However, now I can't help but be worried. I feel I
must get prepared like Dr. Jones advised--just in case. My boyfriend is all for it. So, we will be
doing what we can to get as prepared as possible. Again, just in case.

Another mainstream article coming?

"1. Recently had a technical paper accepted for publication following peer-review (three reviewers!), in a mainstream journal. Hopefully it will be out soon."

From an earlier blog I understand that a paper based on the article "Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction", published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, has also been accepted for publication in a mainstream journal. Any news on that?

Read all the comments --

Read all the comments -- thank you. Vesa, the "high temp" paper, was submitted last fall to a mainstream journal, but was dismissed as "beyond the scope of this journal" , in other words, they would not even let it be peer-reviewed. We decided to get it published quickly after that waiting, and after peer-review it was published in the Journal of 911 Studies... No, it won't be submitted elsewhere (having been published), although some of the same ideas will of course be part of future articles with new data, etc. There are 3 papers that I know of from 9/11 researchers, serious papers, going thru the process in mainstream journals.

The idea of a PAC sounds like a good one!

Funny how a dream can cause us to wake up! Good for you, Tonya, (hope I spelled your name correctly) getting some food reserves "just in case." Then you don't have to worry so much -- because you've prepared.

Looking forward to your newsletter, Vic. Thanks for the kind offers of a place to stay... same goes out here in Utah -- but we're planning to move fairly soon...

The URL for food supplies

was cut short, I was told ... so here's another try:


Looks like that URL is complete. And there are other outlets for 3-month and longer-term food storage as well.

Thanks, all -- we're in this together!

Thank you Professor Jones

I hope we have enough time left for your peer reviewed paper to have some effect.

When the next false flag event occurs [nuke or dirty bomb in SF or LA], it's all over.

Martial law, FEMA in charge of everything and Cheney in charge of FEMA.

The Truth Movement will be silenced.

We must do all we can, while we still can.

You are a patriot, carry on.


I'm going to take your advise and stock up.