Speaking with Dennis Prager on 4/4/08 about the deeper and more disturbing aspects of MLK's truth-telling and his murder

I decided to call the Dennis Prager show, in honor of the 40th anniversary of MLK's death, to bring up his "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence" speech, delivered a year to the day before he was killed in Memphis. I also wanted to tie in the 1999 trial of Lloyd Jowers litigated by William Pepper on behalf of the King Family. Prager wanted nothing to do with the conspiracy trial part, other than cheap psychological shots at those who can't deal with the fact that "low-life" nothings like James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald can effect major evil. He was fairly dismissive and patronizing of the King family's struggle to uncover the truth. Afterwards, he gave a thorough response to King's claim that his own government was the "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

One thing that Prager says fairly often is that it is possible to disagree and discuss, once the facts are on the table. I haven't been able to get him to confront the facts of the deeper side of politics. Maybe you can reach him with some 9-11 facts. His show is on the Salem Radio network from 9am-12pm PST M-F (1-877-243-7776) or email him at dennis@pragerradio.com

My 1st blog entry here at 9-11 Blogger ( An Open Response to Dennis Prager's Slanderous Hit-Piece ) was an open letter response to an article he wrote about 9-11 and JFK "conspiracy theories" and his telling me on air that I needed help, and that debating me about 9-11 was like debating whether the Holocaust took place or whether slavery took place.

It read:

"Mental Infantilization in Post-Coup USA"

Everyone believes some conspiracy theory about the attacks of September 11th. Some are just more mature, comprehensive, politically sophisticated and grounded in the laws of the physical universe than others. The term "conspiracy theory" made some sense when speaking about the assassination of JFK. It pointed to the difference between a lone gunman and a more intricate plot implicating a group who conspired in secret to murder the president.

But now with the savage attacks of 9-11, we are all conspiracy theorists, although many people's theories about that day are more like regurgitations of synthetic myth-making than actual rational theorizing. The difference between JFK and 9-11 is that the real perpe-traitors of the demonic mass murder of 9-11 are openly calling anyone who believes the offical patsy cover-story (19 suicide-hijacking arabs, some apparently still alive, OBL (not wanted by the FBI for 9-11 mass murders) and KSM (torture confessions) masterminding from Dells in souped up caves) mental nitwits to their faces. Anyone with an internet connection or a local library has easy access to thousands of pieces of information, video evidence included (rather than one crucial film, i.e. Zapruder) of what did and did not happen that day.

I was one of those for years after the event that "changed everything." That was, until I actually looked at the facts, all of them, not just the ones that proved my own beliefs to be true. I guess in a time of such massive doublethink it shouldn't surprise me that someone like Dennis Prager who says that we can debate and disagree once we have the facts on the table, refuses to discuss the facts of the attacks against America in the fall of 2001.

Consider these questions surrounding the facts of these attacks:

Which Al-Qaeda Jihadi do you think planned the over 10 congruent war games and/or civilian exercises on 9-11 which confused and paralyzed our defense systems, one of which (the National Reconnaisance Office) had a plane flying into their building and another of which (Vigilant Warrior run by JC’s of Staff and NORAD) was a live-fly hijack drill w/ a real airliner?

Which member of Al-Qaeda in Europe do you think helped architect the 3 exercises that were running on 7-7-05 in London, one of which (Visor Consultants) almost exactly mimicked what actually transpired that tragic day?--although not about 9-11, this question shows the reapatable MO's

Which Islamo-fascist had the means and/or the motive to attack some of the leading critics/investigators into 9-11 and the Patriot Act, Tom Daschle (told strongly by Cheney to not investigate 9-11 too deeply during a time of war), Patrick Leahy (Judiciary Committee) and Tom Brokaw with anthrax spores almost certainly from a US weapons lab?

Which Muslim zealot do you think had the access necessary to plant the massive amount of explosives in WTC buildings 1,2 and 7 needed in order for the laws of the physical universe as we’ve known it for our species limited time on this planet to have not been suspended that day? This includes the undeniable evidence that thousands and thousands of tons of concrete in the towers were pulverized into very fine dust clouds of massive volume (which look like the highly energized 'clouds' of pyroclastic flow), steel columns that were thrown with violent force horizontally hundreds of feet, some impaling themselves like spears into buildings more than a football field away, in what was called a fire-induced, gravity-driven “collapse.”

But the naked eye, even, or especially of a child, can see that the trade towers didn’t “collapse.” They were collapsed, blown to smithereens and Kingdom Come, with the floors below the sections supposedly initiating the “collapse” being blown out, so that the almost free-fall speed destruction sequence through well over 50 concrete floors and down and around 47 steel core columns (which should have still been standing if the floors had collapsed) could have been possible. And the molten metal in the pile for weeks afterwards? And the cars, blocks away, flipped over with their engine blocks energized and blown? And the explosion in the basement that 20-year janitor and White House proclaimed hero of that day Willie Rodriguez heard right BEFORE the plane hit, which later eyewitnesses testified had vaporized a 50 ton hydraulic press? there's more and more and more, but that's your responsibility not mine at this point.

Until you can reasonably answer these questions within your own framework of understanding what really happened in the fall of 2001, you can hardly be considered a worthy political actor and/or commentator at these oh so dire and potentially transformative times.

One last point which needs to be made to people who flippantly toss the idea of "Occam's Razor" around is that it is to be used for scientific understanding and observations of phenomena of the physical world, not around the twisted, layered and complex world of political intention and action. In politics, the complex usually describes reality better than the simplistic explanation. However, with science done within the constraints of the physical universe, Occam's Razor holds, so use it. Is a scooped out corner (might I add that it was scooped from horizontally propelled projectiles of tons debris from the "gravity collapse"), fires on some of the floors and diesel-tank explosions the most elegant explanation for the perfect controlled demolition signature of Building 7's collapse that tragic afternoon, about which Dan Rather immediatley reacted by saying, "For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.” But what does a journalist know right? Well, the problem is our buddies at NIST and Popular Mechanics are having a rough time helping us slice this one with their blunted, dirty and state-sponsored version of Occam's Razor.

More to the point of the article, I, as a fairly competent conspiracy theorist, am not, contrary to what Mr. Prager may believe, lonely (I have a wonderful group of family and friends, though I may be a bit obsessive and abrasive, especially when it comes to the truth around serious matters), hateful (I intend to stop murderers for their own soul's sake as well as for their victims), addicted to secret knowledge (I wish infantilized 'Americans' who believe the Big Lie pushed by the Abusive Father Corporatist State and Complicit Mother Mainstream Media would wake up quickly so I could focus more on my music, teaching/scholarship and permacultural urban planning) etc.
What I AM is an American patriot in a form both Thomases Paine and Jefferson would have clearly recognized. If the preceding can be said about Mr. Prager, History and the Future are still waiting to see.