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I've been a teacher, musician and peace and justice organizer for many years. Although always suspicious of how it was being manipulated, I learned about the deep truth around 9-11 in 2005. It took me awhile to fully research it and be firmly convinced. But once I was, I saw its massive catalytic potential and neccessity and I brought it into the peace organization I was working with at the time. I eventually think I was pushed out partially because of my insistence that it was our duty and our immense possibility in the peace movement to bring justice around 9-11. When I was canvassing, I would bring it up with the right people of all different political persuasions and point them in the right direction. I like to call right-wing radio shows-Prager, Medved, Bennett. My foray into street action and a bit of truth-squading (I would like to do more) around 9-11 is over the last few months with the LA group. I love it. I also pass flyers all over the place and especially try to make contact with police officers (I've tried Chief Bratton a couple times, but he refuses to even discuss at all or take info), right-wingers and progressives. I feel like I have a very good feel of the overall 9-11 picture. my favorite rhetorical devices are the "Which Al-Qaeda Jihadi...?-Game" and also Means (congruent wargames), Motive (anthrax attacks on leading democrats and journalists) and Opportunity (Building 7 controlled demolition (WTC 1 and 2 also if i have time to thoroughly explain them). My focus right now is strategizing around a 3 month plan to really raise the roof and bring the justice being that we have a fairly good grasp on the truth. We have the Satya, time to bring on the serious Graha. I will post a plan soon. Finally, I see the 911 Truth movement leading the way to a profound shift in this country's consciousness, active role in the world and investment at home. On that front, I am writing an article called "Permaculturizing the Pentagon." I am down to do whatever needs to be done in the movement.

Los Angeles, CA