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Jesse Ventura was one of my first political idols early in the decade. I was casually browsing Borders' in Cleveland, and the hard-back first edition of his book "Do I Stand Alone?" was on the $5 shelf. Taking it to the cafe and reading it, I could not put it down, so I purchased it. (The original edition was on sale because it was pre-election2000, and the paperback edition is updated to after the Bush inauguration.) Anyway, 9/11 was what turned me on to current events in general, and although I had put faith in the Bush administration for a little while right after the attacks, my gut skepticism in the honesty of our current government was beginning to surface, though I did not become a Truther in the MIHOP sense until 2005. But three years earlier, Ventura taught me what the Founding Fathers meant in so many instances, and raised so many other important issues in his prose, that I sorely wished that he would run for President, which he never did but doesn't rule out in the future; by the way, I'm awaiting an Amazon delivery of his latest book, "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me."

It's surreal; I haven't thought much about Jesse for awhile now but I now remember how it was him and his book which catalyzed the previously unawakened political side of myself in 2002, now he's re-entered my political life in 9/11 truth. Things have come full circle. Welcome back to my life, Jesse. Glad we're riding on the same line.

Anyway, I would think that Jesse coming out for 9/11 Truth would make national waves the way Sheen and O'Donnell did. But it isn't. Check Google News for "Jesse Ventura" on a regular basis and no news articles come up. I've been eagerly awaiting Bill O'Reilly to do his piece on Ventura, likewise Hannity and the rest. But so far, nothing. He's one of only a couple non-2-party governors at the state level and his societal status is that of celebrity. To boot, he has military demolition training. He is very firm on controlled demolition. He kicks himself for not questioning the official story sooner because he was under the patriotic spell. Usually these pundits do these hit pieces within 24 hours. Could Ventura's actual credibility be so great that the corporate-controlled media is being instructed to remain silent? If there are any major hit pieces that I've missed, please post the vids on this thread!!!

Jesse Ventura on Larry King

Jesse Ventura on Larry King

He doesn't mention the elephant in the room, but maybe he schooled Larry King off camera.

Jesse speaks his mind on the presidential candidates, global warming, illegal immigration, and the national debt.
Added: April 03, 2008

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