New Dark Knight poster distinctly post-9/11


New Dark Knight poster distinctly post-9/11

Martin Anderson
Den of Geek
Sunday, April 27, 2008

The whysoserious website set up to promote Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight has released a sensational new poster with a rather post-9/11 sensibility. The poster features Christian Bale as the caped crusader, poised heroically in front of an apparently burning building onto which the Bat-motif has been carved in flames.

In a publicity-machine that has played avid Batman fans like a harp from hell, this piece of artwork is a killer blow, and perhaps represents best Nolan's attempt to cross over the fantasy of the Batman myth with modern themes and sensibilities.

Even if the film sucks when it opens on the 18th July, the year-long build-up of often-innovative publicity almost qualifies for its own page on the IMDB, and a good rating to boot. And we don't think the film will suck.

From 1st Batman movie

Not really POST-9/11

More like 9/11.

The obvious reference is the North Tower.

The tagline is what's post-9/11 about this poster: "Welcome to a world without rules."

The tagline expresses the vigilante quality of the Batman character, and it references the War on Terror.

I think it's actually a reference to WTC2

Notice the molten metal spewing from the left side of the tower, at the edge of the Batman symbol.

Anyone else see any other subliminal 9/11 imagery?

I guess it mixes both

Now I see the molten metal. But the imprint of the plane/Bat symbol is obviously the North Tower.

A higher-resolution image?

I couldn't find a better picture. Anyone?


50MB hi-res

Great minds ... think for themselves.

Some useless knowledge for everyone...

The "Wayne" portion of the name, "Bruce Wayne" was gotten from "Mad Anthony Wayne". The same person the town Wayne, PA is named after, and the same person the movie theater, "Anthony Wayne Movie Theater" (the place Betsy and I are showing movies) is named after.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

You either die a hero, or

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian. -Harvey Dent

Great minds ... think for themselves.


new trailer

Great minds ... think for themselves.

New Batman Trailer

New Batman Trailer distinctly awesome...

Great minds ... think for themselves.