Open Letter to Stephen Staples

[Stephen Staples is the found of, a Canadian peace lobby group.]

Dear Mr. Stephen Staples,

Before contributing additional funds to, I would like to know your opinion concerning 9/11, and why you never include this issue in your campaigns.
In my opinion, it is blatantly obvious that the Bush Administration is fabricating a false story of 9/11, and using that lie to con the public into believing there is a threat that doesn’t exist. When one rationally weighs the evidence presented on the internet on the subject, the answer is compelling. The hijackers could never have gotten to their targets given the air defense systems in place, either from the fighter jets or the anti-aircraft missile batteries at the Pentagon. The WTC towers could never have exploded the way they did from fire and aircraft damage. It’s literally impossible.

For a fifty dollar contribution, would you agree to a phone conversation with me on this subject? I would like to present you the case of why a rational person would be critical of the official story as told to Canadians by the U.S. government.

9/11 is one of the primary issues concerning the war in Afghanistan since it deals with the very origins of the conflict. Fortunately, a rational interpretation of 9/11 provides a framework for ending the war, by undermining the perceived threat posed by so-called “Islamofascism” or “al-qaeda”. With the perceived threat dissolved and the real perpetrators of 9/11 investigated, the public would no longer tolerate an open-ended, long-term occupation of Afghanistan.

Please follow up on my offer. I would be pleased to donate additional funds to, but I must be convinced that you are really interested in getting to know the origins of the conflict you are campaigning so admirably against.


Adam Parrott

Please keep us updated

Please keep us updated with regards to Mr. Staples' response. I think that I will use this tack with him the next time he hits me up for money.