We Are Change UK - Sir Richard Dearlove, again


Members of We Are Change UK, along with Matt from We Are Change New York, went to ask Sir Richard Dearlove a few questions about allegations of him being a war criminal.

Mr Dearlove was instrumental in helping take the UK into the illegal war with Iraq and was quoted as saying the facts were being fixed around the policy of regime change in Iraq.

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At the end of video...

it looked to me like Andy grabbed Dearlove, but Andy assures me that this is not the case;

"I didn't grab him just put my arm in front of him, he grabbed me before the spook pulled me out the way. The others thought I grabbed him too but you can see in the higher quality vid that I didn't... We followed the procedure for citizens arrest by asking for the cops for assistance." - andyb via email.

cheers for clarifying rep.

cheers for clarifying rep. just to add that it wouldn't be wise to publicly post the video if i had grabbed him.

peace and love

That was really good until

That was really good until the end, although he does deserve to be “arrested for war crimes” getting physical like that is only going to backfire on you. He could call that assault, so even though he's very much in the wrong and I commend you guys, that type of physical confrontation will only delegitimize everything else and cast you as the villain. Also remember that this guy is connected, if you cross the boundary from legitimate protest to physical confrontation he could designate the whole of WeAreChange UK as a "domestic threat" or something. You've got to be smart and not fall into needless traps like that. The video does end in my opinion on a bit of a sour note, you’ve got to think what are the consequences and reality of trying to physically restrain an elderly man first of all because it’s irresponsible as he could have a heart attack or something, secondly even if you held him do you honestly think that when the police arrive it would be him they would take away and not you? It’s gone from wholly legitimate protested to what could described as vigilantism which is incredibly foolish.

Fantastic Job!

The people responsible for these wars should not be able to walk freely in public, they should be on trial. Keep it up, the world is on your side.