The Police State

The Police State is a necessary consequence of 911. Taking our freedoms and civil liberties was a part of the plan but not the goal. They had planned to do it but it was escalated due to the foreseeable circumstance that this attack would not fool everyone.

They created this nightmare in part to protect themselves from those of us who might see past the lies. To do whatever may be necessary if by chance we refuse to relinquish our ideals. Created to take this to the next level when we create a movement so large that there is no other means of hedging us.

I want you all to know that we are having an effect. These criminals are getting scared and as we push forward they know that they have fewer and fewer options. The corner is sneaking up on them.

This movement is taking a foothold and we will change this world forever.

The goal is attainable!

We know that truth will prevail!