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"An American Carol" ... Coming After the Truth Movement

Hollywood takes another blatant swing at the 911 Truth Movement in the latest David Zucker comedy "An American Carol". Lets just start by pointing out that Bill O'Reilly stars as himself in this piece of Hollywood garbage. I would almost believe that he wrote it as well. I imagine that this is exactly what rattles around in the head of O'Reilly.
The films story revolves around a Michael Moore character poking fun at his films and beliefs. Poking fun at people who protest and yes there is the "911 Was an Inside Job" sign last to be seen as they pan through the crowd. You can only imagine where the film goes from there.
The film featuring the Bill O'Reilly style show as he brings on the Michael Moore character as well as a Rosie O'Donnell mocker where Bill can attempt to make a point. He couldn't possibly take on the subject on his real show with real people. In the end he completely dismisses the subject of 911 Truth and buries it under the half truths of Michael Moore.
This film is absolutely sickening. The only reason anyone would watch it would be to see how they attempt to reach the ignorant.

So....Silverstein Can Take the Money and Run?

If I am reading this correctly, Larry Silverstein never has to re-build the buildings at ground zero. If he does not comply by 2013 he simply forfeits the rights to the property? This is astonishing to say the least. The Port Authority is footing the bill for re-building the WTC and Silverstein is taking the money and running.... but not before he delays the progress until 2013. He is also asking for public funds to start his part of the project of which we have absolutely no guarantee that he will finish it.

ummm.... NO!!


Talk of delaying WTC towers for decades

NEW YORK – Construction of several ground zero office towers could be put off for decades because of the failing real estate market, the site's owners said Thursday, citing an analysis that projected one skyscraper might not be built and occupied until 35 years after Sept. 11.

Raggae: Jah Roots sings "The Truth"

Love these guys and they are touring right now. Headed your way soon.

Oct 22 2008 9:00P
Zoo Bar w/ special guests: Cornerstone Dub Lincoln, Nebraska
Oct 23 2008 10:00P
The Annex w/ special guests: Nama Rupa Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 24 2008 9:00P
Eamon Patricks w/ special guests: Nama Rupa Peoria, Illinois
Oct 25 2008 9:00P
Acoustic FULL Band show @ The Outland w/ special guests: Nama Rupa Springfield, Missouri
Oct 26 2008 9:00P
Broadway Oyster Bar w/ special guests: Nama Rupa St.Louis, Missouri
Oct 30 2008 9:00P
The Granada Theater (ALL AGES) w/ guests: 77 Jefferson, Seed Love & The Irietions Lawrence, Kansas
Oct 31 2008 9:00P
Halloween Bash w/ Speakeasy @ The Outland Ballroom (ages 18+) Springfield, Missouri
Nov 6 2008 10:00P
Lakewood Bar & Grill w/ special guests: Champa Dallas, Texas
Nov 7 2008 10:00P

"W" Has hit the Theaters and the Reviews are Getting Heated

Only Oliver Stone could have messed W up this bad
by wakan_taheton (movies profile) Oct 17, 2008
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The man resides inside his own head and never, never wanders out into the real world.

This movie is "entertainment" only for those who are pathetically starved (to put it mildly) for entertainment. Furthermore, it could even remotely be taken as being based on real life, only by America's "GW ordered those planes to fly into the WTC!" Bush haters, and by those far-left types who are intellectually-limping amongst us normal/regular folk.

Sooooooo, is the press planning on vetting Obama in any way whatsoever before Election Day, or not? MSNBC... you go for it, girl! :o)

A great big thumbs down to Oliver. The man blew it again.


I am having a good time reading all the reviews. Thought you all might like to have a peek as well. After all we are getting some mention.

Income Taxes... An Efficient System

The constitutionality of income taxes will be argued until the end of time. Chances that we will definitively win this argument are slim to none. We could though create a system that would benefit all as well as streamline its efficiency.

Taxes would still be paid but instead of going to the government, to be redistributed to those they feel deserving, they would be paid to those who pay their taxes. Us.

Income taxes would go into an account. A savings account that would hold that money untill retirement at which point that money can be taken at a certain percentage every year.

This money would would fuel the banks and give them money to loan. It would thus take the power from the Federal Reserve. Eliminate the Fed.

This program would eliminate the need for the force of the IRS because people would be willing to pay their taxes freely since the money will be going to themselves. Eliminate the IRS.

These Accounts would acrue interest which would go to the people. Even if the interest was 1% people would be happy.

This program would eliminate Social Security for the most part. People will be able to successfully live off their income tax savings.

Home Mortgage Assistance Plan... Assistance Needed

If the Government should have any hand in the control of the Home Mortgage business they should simply control:

A. The types of loans allowed by banks.
B. The maximum interest rate allowed.
C. The qualifications for those loans.

This is the control that they should have maintained from the beginning. Now they have allowed bad business to lead us into this compromised position. They know exactly how these things happen and should have done something to curb this situation. That is unless this was all engineered. I think we know the answer to that question.

I am here to ask for your suggestions on a solution to this problem that will rectify this situation. I have the beginnings to a plan and would welcome any ideas.

If we are ever going to take back this country we are going to have to show our own resolve. Create a means by which the people can have a say or a guiding hand in positive solutions. If the people are the ones creating the laws and legislation we won't need the government to do it for us.


Talk Radio.... Conservative Commonality

I live in one of the thousands of small media markets. Our choices are very limited. I suspect this is very common throughout the United States. Unless you deliberately search out alternative media you will never find alternate perspectives. This is why we find a larger populous of liberal thinkers in the areas of larger populations.

The people subject to the smaller market conservative indoctrinations thus follow these beliefs into their news selections. Most of the people I encounter in this area strictly adhere their affiliation to FOX news and no other.

Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck. Michael Savage. Sean Hannity. Jim Bohannan.

These are our only choices when we look to listen to talk radio. I'm sure that this line-up is very common amongst the smaller markets. One reason that they control such an incredible market share. Also the reason that a more liberal based program would never succeed in these markets. The time required to sway the minds of those who have only know this "conservative" mindset is far longer than program directors can afford to allow.

Bush... Playing in Peoria... Again.. Got $500?


Though his approval rating is one of the lowest of all U.S. presidents, George Bush is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for 18th Congressional District candidate Aaron Schock when he appears at a fundraiser in the Peoria area later this month.

Bush, who last was in Peoria in January 2007 to visit Caterpillar Inc., will visit this time for the sole benefit of Schock. He'll be at a $500 per head fundraiser at a yet-to-be determined private residence on July 25, Schock said.

"It's humbling that out of 435 congressional races that (Bush) is willing to take time to help me and that I'm on his radar screen," said Schock, currently a state House representative.


Apparently the President must come to Peoria to pimp for a heavily favored Congressional candidate who's seat has been held by a Republican since 1917. A candidate who is one of the youngest if not the youngest candidate running for congress. A candidate who already had twice as much funds as the Democratic candidate.

Hey Georgie.... you might want to steer clear if you want this kid to maintain credibility.

The Police State

The Police State is a necessary consequence of 911. Taking our freedoms and civil liberties was a part of the plan but not the goal. They had planned to do it but it was escalated due to the foreseeable circumstance that this attack would not fool everyone.

They created this nightmare in part to protect themselves from those of us who might see past the lies. To do whatever may be necessary if by chance we refuse to relinquish our ideals. Created to take this to the next level when we create a movement so large that there is no other means of hedging us.

I want you all to know that we are having an effect. These criminals are getting scared and as we push forward they know that they have fewer and fewer options. The corner is sneaking up on them.

This movement is taking a foothold and we will change this world forever.

The goal is attainable!

We know that truth will prevail!

NO GAS EMBARGO!!...... .05 cent on 06/07/08

We can not seem to embargo gas. Not that it would make a darn bit of difference...... so instead.

on June 7th, 2008.....

Pay for your gas with nickels....

$50.00 is 1000 nickels.

It will make for one hell of a heavy day at the station and then the bank.

Start collecting your nicks so we can stick it to these pricks.

Pass it on

Giuliani Resoundingly Booed @ Yankee Game



"From this day forward, EVERY person running against Rudy Giuliani can point out how most people at Yankee Stadium resoundedly booed Rudy Giuliani. If you are Joe Six Pack or Jane Housewife going about your daily life in Missouri, you are smart enough to realize that if the people at Yankee Stadium are booing Rudy Giuliani, they must know something that the media isn't telling you. After 3 more seconds of thought, Joe Six Pack and Jane Housewife make the connection that Rudy Giuliani is not a 9/11 Hero but that he did some awful things regarding 9/11. And even if Joe Six Pack or Jane Housewife agree with Rudy Giuliani 95% of the time, Giuliani just lost their vote, even if he attains the general nomination and faces Hillary Clinton.

The people of New York City booed Rudy Giuliani because they know what a scumbag he truly is. Giuliani couldn't get elected dogcatcher in New York City today unless the only other candidate running was named Michael Vick.

One For Ron Paul...and Truth... from "The Nation"!


Rudy Giuliani vs. Ron Paul,....and Reality (Great Title!)

The Nation -- Rudy Giuliani made clear in Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate that he is not ready to let the facts get in the way of his approach to foreign policy.

The most heated moment in the debate, which aired live on the conservative Fox News network, came when the former New York mayor and current GOP front-runner angrily refused to entertain a serious discussion about the role that actions taken by the United States prior to the September 11, 2OO1, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon may have played in inspiring or encouraging those attacks.

Giuliani led the crowd of contenders on attacking Texas Congressman Ron Paul (news, bio, voting record) after the anti-war Republican restated facts that are outlined in the report of the The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

Being Censored by YouTube?... New "Conservative" Video Hosting Site

For those of us who upload videos to Youtube and Google....have fun with this one. Censorship? Lets see what this gem of a site will try to do to stop our message.....

Laughing already


Banned From YouTube?
Conservatives Perceive YouTube Bias, Launch New Video-Sharing Site

In the new digital media age, damning political videos can have an immediate impact on campaign 2.0, thanks largely to the availability and immediacy of YouTube.

The popular video-sharing Web site first debuted "Hillary 1984," which compared Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. to a Orwellian dictator, then-Sen. George Allen's career-altering "macaca" moment and the "I Feel Pretty" video that chided former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards' good looks.

No SurprisesBut YouTube, which is owned by Google, has also been a favorite target of conservatives, who accuse the site of a liberal bias.

Banned from YouTube?
Railing against YouTube, two Republican White House veterans have launched QubeTV as a conservative alternative.

7 till 11

Heads up!

The 11th is nearing quickly.

What will you do this month to awaken the masses.

I think I will take "Google WTC7" to the mall.

Helium balloons?

I have been taking it to all my George Washingtons,
Alexander Hamiltons, Abraham Lincolns, Ulyses S. Grants,
Andrew Jacskons and Benjamin Franklins for two months now.